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Ukraine's TVi Struggles to Survive

Ukraine - - action in support of TVI channel - - Kharkiv, 08Sep2012Ukraine - - action in support of TVI channel - - Kharkiv, 08Sep2012
Ukraine - - action in support of TVI channel - - Kharkiv, 08Sep2012
Ukraine - - action in support of TVI channel - - Kharkiv, 08Sep2012
The Voice of America reports that journalists and their supporters in Ukraine are protesting what they say is a government attempt to stifle one of the country's few remaining independent television stations ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for late October. The station, TVi, has been embroiled in tax and administrative disputes with the government, and has begun to disappear from cable networks. Journalists accuse President Viktor Yanukovych of giving the order to switch TVi off, but state officials deny involvement. VOA's Amy Katz narrates this video report from Oksana Lihostova in Kyiv.
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by: Tern from: Scotland
October 24, 2012 17:33
I can't find an e-address for TVI. Anyone who knows how to contact them please direct them to censoredscottishreferendum.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/court-change.html, or copy on to them what it says there. It describes how there is a massive democratic advance applying to every Council of Europe country, including Ukraine, which the media and political world are choosing to keep silent. It is that thanks to the European court of human rights making a factually impossible decision and calling it final, in 1999, no court decisions are any longer final. All legal decisions are open endedly faultable on the merits of their reasoning: and one of the ifrst things this open ended faulting power can be used to do is to abolish on human rights grounds all unaffordable court costs too!

Public exposure of this "court change" is particularly needed by folks who want to hold the line for democracy against it getting suffocated by corrupted state processes.

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