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Kevin Klose To Be RFE/RL’s Acting President And CEO

Kevin Klose (2007 file photo)Kevin Klose (2007 file photo)
Kevin Klose (2007 file photo)
Kevin Klose (2007 file photo)
Washington, DC -- The Broadcasting Board of Governors has announced that distinguished journalist and broadcast executive Kevin Klose will be the Acting President and CEO of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Acting in its capacity as RFE/RL’s corporate board of directors, the Board voted unanimously to ask Klose to take on the position for up to one year, starting January 26.

“As a former chief of both National Public Radio and RFE/RL, Kevin is seasoned at leading broadcasters through critical transitions,” said Michael Lynton, the Board’s presiding governor.  “There is no more qualified person to manage this key part of U.S. international broadcasting than Kevin.  We are thrilled that he will return to public service as we implement our media strategy in priority countries from Iran to Russia and across Eurasia.”

Klose was president of NPR from 1998 to 2008, and was named President Emeritus in 2008.  Before joining NPR, he was president of RFE/RL from 1994 to 1997, overseeing its relocation from Munich to Prague. In 1997-98, he directed the International Broadcasting Bureau at the U.S. Information Agency.  Prior to this, he was an editor and reporter for The Washington Post for 25 years, including stints as Moscow bureau chief, city editor and deputy national editor. A tenured professor at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, Klose served as dean of the journalism college from April 2009 to July 2012.  He will be on leave from his faculty position while serving at RFE/RL.  He earned a B.A. from Harvard and is the author of five books, including Russia and the Russians: Inside the Closed Society.

“I am honored to be offered this opportunity and eager to lend a hand,” Klose said upon accepting the position with RFE/RL.  “I look forward to re-connecting with many friends in Prague and Russia and  to working with the entire RFE/RL team.”

“We are grateful that Kevin has agreed to take on this task, and we thank University of Maryland President Wallace Loh for the university’s swift response and flexibility,” said Dennis Mulhaupt, chairman of the RFE/RL corporate board.  “Kevin understands well from first-hand experience the special challenge and public trust that RFE/RL represents.  I’d like to thank my colleagues for their speedy work in addressing RFE/RL’s interim leadership needs – especially Susan McCue, the board’s vice-chair, who has spearheaded the effort to recruit Kevin.  We look forward to working with him.”

“Kevin Klose’s deep experience in journalism and international broadcasting is unparalleled for this mission,” McCue said.  ”His leadership and stable hand will build bridges to the future while ensuring that RFE/RL’s long tradition of journalistic integrity and courageous reporting is honored.”

BBG Board member Victor Ashe noted, “Kevin Klose brings years of experience and is the right person to lead the rebuilding. RFE/RL is fortunate to have him as we face and resolve many difficult and serious issues. Thanks to my colleagues for all they have done to bring this about.”

The Board plans to engage a professional search firm during the coming months to identify and hire a successor president.

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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 18, 2013 11:05
Kevin who??? Shame on the bbg,shame, shame!!! Here is the definitive short list of the greatest starwarts we all wanna see as RFE/RL / empty / heads: 1.Jack Durak from the SU. 2.Eugenia-its austrian concubine.3.Vakhtang -the present day Koba and Berya rolled in one.4.Abdalmudjaheddin from Mossad and last but not least-Con Stained teen from the loony bin.And the best vice would be the Shamerican Troll and its bedfellow-Andrew from Auckland!!!

by: MC from: United Kingdom
January 19, 2013 23:49
On the RFE/RL website’s Press Releases page at
there are links to nine press releases. All are enabled for reader comments to be added, with two exceptions, both relating to outgoing RFE/RL CEO Steven Korn:
Sept 24th 2012: “Steve Korn on changes to RFE/RL’s Radio Svoboda”, and
Dec 31st 2012: “Steven Korn resigns as RFE/RL President”.
Why is RFE/RL not allowing comments on press releases connected with Steven Korn, but is allowing them on all others (such as this one, which also deals with RFE/RL internal matters)? Is it because there more to Mr Korn’s leaving than is alluded to in his “resignation” letter? Is it in fact true – as a number of other media outlets have reported – that Mr Korn was fired by his bosses at the Broadcasting Board of Governors due to their concerns over changes he oversaw in RL’s Russian Service and the subsequent loss of audience? The danger is that if RFE/RL appears to not be reporting honestly and openly on its own internal problems that have now been reported elsewhere (and not allowing any comments either), it undermines the trust RFE/RL’s readers & listeners will place in your reports on other matters. As a regular reader of your website I am concerned that your lack of even a single piece of journalistic coverage so far of the controversies connected with Steven Korn’s departure is a bit Pravda-like. If Mr Korn was indeed fired this is significant news, and I think you should have covered it. Perhaps you will do after 25th January.

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