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Macedonian President Calls For End To Interethnic Violence

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has urged citizens to avoid further violence after a series of interethnic clashes between Macedonians and ethnic Albanians.

Since last week, at least 14 people have been injured in clashes in Skopje and the Albanian-dominated northwestern town of Tetovo.

Ethnic Albanians make up about 25 percent of Macedonia's 2-million-strong population.

The clashes were the worst ethnic violence in the country since an armed conflict in 2001 between security forces and ethnic Albanian rebels.

Ivanov said Macedonia has "turned a new page" and vowed that "all those who use violence...will be punished."

The OSCE secretary-general, Lamberto Zannier, on a visit to Skopje on March 13, condemned the recent violence and welcomed the quick response of authorities.

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by: Darren from: Canada
March 14, 2012 00:38
There are already about 33% Albanians in Macedonia, because many of them had boycotted the census. Why would you do if you were a Slav Macedonian and you realized that inexorably in 15-20 years there will be more Albanians than Slavs in your country because of the huge birth rate of the Albanian women? Would you have warm and fuzzy feelings towards them?
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by: Daniel from: Australia
March 14, 2012 10:28
Wrong Darren. One we are Macedonians not 'SlavMacedonians' or 'Slavs, secondly there is not 33% Albanians they aren't even 25% that number is exaggerated. It is well known that during census time the Albanians put overseas relatives from Kosovo, Switzerland, Germany etc in the census and they include dead relatives. This has been proven over and over.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 14, 2012 09:56
In other news from the Balkans: the date for the up-coming parliamentary election in SERBIA (the Northern neighbour of Macedonia) has finally been set: it will take place on latest possible date for which Tadic could have possibly set it - May 6th.
In Macedonia's Southern neighbour - crisis-ridden GREECE - the election is supposed to take place around the same date. Both countries are highly problematic to NATO/EU, which might suggest a few possible explanations on who might be behind the current attempts to destabilize the situation in Greece's and Serbia's neighbour Macedonia.
Source on Serbia:,0,1165206.story?track=rss
VIDEO on Greece:

by: Albanian person from: mc
March 16, 2012 10:11
This is all orchestrated by Belgrade, they have expressed it. Do not fall prey of provocations or arguments that try to instill fear in you.
No, it's not true, Albanians birth rate is not that high, not even 2 children per couple. So relax people.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 16, 2012 10:20
Who in Belgrade would be interested in destabilizing the situation in Macedonia and for what specific purpose?
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by: Alb from: mc
March 17, 2012 14:36
Hi, as a an ordinary citizen I have been following the news, online, papers, tv, etc.
From the president to ministers, they act in duplicity. On one side publicly stating their pro Eu goals, and on the other "keeping" Kosovo, according to them.
During the trade ban between Kosovo and Serbia last summer, they got really angry and their press releases were ever more threatening towards Albanians. The president got so angry at one point threatened war. Then he realized he had let the cat out of the bag in public a bit too much and pretended the next day with another announcement they were pro EU.
Basically, what they say is that they, the serbs want to adopt the same "strategies", according to them, that brought Kosovo to independence. Albanians built parallel structures in Kosovo in times of Milose vic, this is what they are doing now in Northern Kosovo. They have stated they are doing this. The irony is that they are actually more democratic than Albanians in a communication way and express these plans of theirs publicly. Just search google news articles in a timeline, and you will see. Chekc out their sites, their forums. b 9 2 is the "lightest".
Serbs from top to bottom believe that this "fake"(according to them) Independence of Kosovo is "momentary"(exact words of their president), and that it is still "theirs". Serbs perceive the present Balkans as their old Yugoslavia, and induce psychosis to themselves, their young people and provoke troubles in the region. They don't see what happened in Kosovo as a humanitarian disaster, and a suffering nightmare past, as we Albanians see it, but as a game of power. If they openly say to their young people "we are not in a position of power now there" but we will in the future in Kosovo, they are just feeding a state of mental disorder, potential for future disillusionment in their youth.
Another point was that, I remember they provoke troubles and want Albanians to retaliate. It has to be noted anyway, the misuse of the media as propaganda to be in the center of attention and threaten us everyday, trying to impose an unwanted "presence". Notice the frequent use of the word "conflict" and "crisis" by serb politicians in their public pronouncements even when nothing happened, everyday. They use the media as a weapon. To Albanians these daily media attacks, tricks, games, have become so annoying. We just follow the news to know, and respect what they have to say, but it s like we re being hit everyday.
Just this month they openly "asked" to bring the serb police and military back in Kosovo.
Where does Macedonia fit in this? Another point they have stated publicly was that they wanted to ruin Albanians relations with their neighbours. They even try to incite troubles in the the historically peaceful Greek minority in south Albania.
During the commemoration of victims last spring in Bosnia, the serb president even sparked a diplomatic conflict between Turkey and Albania. He had told the Turkish representative very long made up lies of how presumably Albanians insult Turks in their history books. It took some time and discussions with the Turks, but then they realized the game that serbs wanted to harm our friendship.
I have even seen online serb youth trying to radicalize both young Greeks and Macedonians and even Bosnians against Albanians.
It goes like this, I am talking to someone, and then a serb comes in a starts spreading propaganda and hatred.
Also they expressed they wanted to "dominate" Albanians psychologically, by blackwater type operations, of kidnappings, beatings, disappearance of citizens, reverse psychology, explosions, threats, etc, in order to bring us to their desired position. these were happening all last year to Albanians in Northern Kosovo, but the full plan was not come to effect, so I was wondering when. I was not surprised it happened now in Macedonia as the situation has been brewing in Macedonia for somewhile.
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by: alb from: mc
March 17, 2012 14:57
I like the new policy that Finland is adopting, where citizens can propose new laws.
If it were for me, in a delicate situation, as the ethnically diverse Balkans, we need a law to make flag-burning illegal and under a "hate crime" category.

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