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Merkel 'Could Cancel Trip' If Tymoshenko Not Freed By Euro 2012

Supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko near the court in Kharkov continued on April 28 to show their support for the former prime minister. (Рhoto by O.Ovchynnykov)
Supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko near the court in Kharkov continued on April 28 to show their support for the former prime minister. (Рhoto by O.Ovchynnykov)

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Tymoshenko's Daughter Says Her Mother Is Badly Bruised, Still Refusing Food

The daughter of jailed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko says her mother is badly bruised after prison guards forcibly took her to a clinic last week for treatment.
Germany's "Der Spiegel" says Chancellor Angela Merkel could cancel her visit to Ukraine during the Euro 2012 football tournament in June if jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is not yet released.

Tymoshenko, 51, is serving a seven-year prison term for abuse of power in the city of Kharkiv and has been on a hunger strike for more than a week.

She is also facing fresh charges that she and her supporters, as well as international rights watchdogs, say are similarly political in origins.

"Der Spiegel" magazine reported that if Merkel did not go to Ukraine, other members of the German cabinet might follow suit.

The magazine did not name any sources for the report.

The case has strained ties between Ukraine and the European Union, which says Tymoshenko's jailing in October was politically motivated.

She has reportedly been on hunger strike for more than a week.

Her daughter, Yevhenia, emerged from a recent visit expressing fresh concerns for Tymoshenko's health, with images that appear to show bruises from rough treatment at the hands of her jailers.

Based on Reuters and RFE/RL reporting
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 30, 2012 03:07
Great Germany, How human of you!
Timoshenko is badly treated, sure it is true.
I am against the vengence of Ukraine pro-Russians.
However, I am also against a pact of UK-Russia-Prussia,
Calling boycot of Ukraine games, instead of Sochi nazi brue!

Is bestial murder of 40 thousands Georgians, like my dear ant,
Burn alife, more than hundred close and remote relatives killed,
Land and houses annexed-repopulated by nazi Russia Shtabs, Brigants that expelled Georgian magority from Abkhazia, billed?

Sochi also Georgia - annexed by Lenin's Russia with genocide.
Russia continues same expansion through Abkhazia - outright.
Russia also annexing South Osetia, while cleansing Caucasus
With more bases of Russian army, Sochi olimpics symbolizing.

Why Germans fall again for Russian trap as in two World Wars,
Insited by Norman scoundrels of Brits and Russia canning vors?
Already deviding Europe - among Russia, Germany and Austria,
Chocking by pipelines Eastern Europe, through two Seas mafia,
Invading energy plander - from Black Sea through Golf of Mexico,
1954-56 pact, started by Russia, Brits and Bechtel, braking dors.

Germans, before Ukraine boycot - boycot also Sochi Olimpics!
Even Hitler wouldn't pick Olimpics in Prage, he picked Munich!
80 millions non-Germans killed in two Wars their gesheftings!
You might pay in WW3, believing again "ratenfarband" Putin!

by: peter from: canada
May 03, 2012 03:16
Letter for Frau Merkel.
Frau Merkel, you have always been for me the example of strong, intelligent and loyal woman and leader. Each time I heard about you, your word meant a lot to me.
Unfortunately, not any more.
The latest news about boycotting EURO-2012 in Ukraine and propaganda about Tymoshenko “holiness” made me change my mind.
First of all, Tymoshenko is far from being saint. Why don’t you boycott USA for keeping Lazarenko in a prison? And I’m pretty sure that you know that Tymoshenko was the closest person in” business”, and she became “successful business woman” under “management” of Lazarenko. There is no need to discuss or even know details; it’s enough to know about so called partnership.
The word becomes upside down if people like you try to convince in Tymoshenko’s innocence pointing at political repression. I have impression that you are interested Ukraine to stay poor and underdeveloped country by protecting crooks like Tymoshenko. You are interested in Ukrainians who have to leave their families, children and go to Europe looking for a job. I don’t know whether you will believe but people with intellectual potential, like teachers, have to wash toilets in Italy, Spain etc because ex prime minister couldn’t provide them with decent salaries for decent life. Her only priority was gas pipe and control over it.
By boycotting EURO-2012 in Ukraine, you are boycotting not current Ukrainian government but, first of all UKRAINIANS.
Please, stop propaganda against Ukrainians!

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