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Militants Reportedly Kill 13 Pakistani Soldiers, Behead Seven

Pakistani officials say militants have crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and killed 13 Pakistani troops, beheading seven of them.

Military officials said on June 25 that more than 100 militants had crossed the border in the northwestern Upper Dir region the previous night and clashed with Pakistan forces on a patrol. 

The military said six soldiers were killed outright.

Seven, who were missing, were killed and then beheaded, while another four still have not been found. 

The claim could not be independently verified. 

Some intelligence officials blamed the attack on loyalists of Pakistani cleric Maulana Fazlullah, who fled to Afghanistan after losing control of Swat Valley, where Pakistan defeated a local Taliban insurgency in 2009.

Islamabad has complained that militants use parts of Afghanistan as a sanctuary to stage attacks inside Pakistan.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP
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by: Jack from: US
June 25, 2012 17:23
it is most likely a false claim by Pakistanis intended to dupe the world public into thinking Pakistani government "fights" Taliban, not allies itself with Taliban which is what the truth is. The fact of the matter however is, US government itself is a friend and ally of Taliban and other Wahhabi Sunni terrorist groups.
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by: Jack Jr
June 26, 2012 00:02
Jack you see a Wahhabist under every carpet.

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