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Moldovan Court Sentences Three For Uranium Trafficking

A Moldovan court has sentenced three people for trafficking uranium-235, which can be used to make nuclear weapons.

The three were part of a five-member group arrested in the capital, Chisinau, in June last year, while trying to sell one kilogram of uranium-235 for 32 million euros ($38 million).

Moldovan authorities said that U.S., German, and Ukrainian intelligence services helped with the case.

The Prosecutor-General's Office said a 38-year-old Russian woman was sentenced to three years in jail.

One accomplice got five years and a third accused was fined 15,000 lei ($1,200).

Uranium-235 can be used as fuel or in nuclear weapons, although it was not clear to what degree it was enriched.

The investigation continues into the two others arrested.

Based on reporting by AFP and Reuters
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by: Ionas Aurelian Rus
May 26, 2012 13:36

One should not only salute the capture of these officials by the Moldovan post-Communist authorities since 2009, but also praise the collaboration of the Ukrainian authorities. Without approving in the least the human rights abuses committed under Yanukovych, the latter should nevertheless be given credit for being neutral rather than pro-Moscow, and for continuing to collaborate with the West.

Ionas Aurelian Rus

by: rick
May 27, 2012 03:06
much more interesting in this story

is that in no way

is implicated Transnistria (PMR)

This although for 22 years

Moldovan first and then Western media

have always spoken about Transnistria (PMR)

as the center for smuggling of weapons and uranium

everytime without any evidence

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, OH
May 27, 2012 14:21

What Rick states is accurate in terms of the Transnistrian authorities led by Shevchuk not being involved. However, at, we could learn that "Four of the suspects are Moldovan. Two others are from the breakaway Trans-Dniester region, one of whom also holds Russian citizenship, Vitalie Briceag, an official from the interior ministry, told reporters on Wednesday." There is also another point that needs to be made, namely that it was not the previous Smirnov regime in power in Transnistria that was engaged in dealings with Islamic fundamentalists, but Oleg Voronin, the son of Moldova's former Communist president, Vladimir Voronin. Transnistria has exported a lot of conventional weapons to Third World conflicts, and even some to Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and that is a major problem. Yet one must note the encouragements from the Dick Cheney-Donald Rumsfeld plus neo-conservative crowds that evidence should be created that Iraq and Iran got nuclear materials from Transnistria. This was not done because there are so many truthful people in Moldova who could make a difference.

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus

In Response

by: Rick from: Milan
May 29, 2012 17:48
in 22 years of existence of PMR

There were only 2 cases of uranium smuggling

and both hapened in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau

and not in PMR.

And in both cases the traffickers band was made of almost all Moldovans.

About smuggling of weapons ​​by PMR autority

this is just a pure myth
that never had any kind of documentation or evidence

only fantasies of Moldovan leaders and Western media
and some poltical in search of scoop .

Read EUbm report , years for years , i want see if you find somethink about smuggling of weapons .

And also we must remeber that many time
Osce do inspections in PMR industry but never find evidence of weapons production , NEVER !


never was found a weapons factory in PRM

never were found a weapon from the PMR

never was intercepted a shipment of weapons from the PMR

never were found weapons in foreign countries who come from the PMR

and yet

Oleg Smirnov was a weapons smuggler ?

And then

between ourselves
even if PMR will sold the weapons ..... what is problem ?

Moldova sold weapons to Armenia last year

USA , FR , GB, Russia, also my Italy, are selling weapons around the world every years

so what?

Everybody sells and is not a problem

if were sell PMR would be a tragedy ?

Remember my dear

PMR has not free border from any control

or Moldova or Ukrainian controls all

so if PMR would be guilty

would be guilty too
Moldova and Ukrainian

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, USA
June 02, 2012 03:16

Transnistrian-made weapons have been transported through Moldova during the Smirnov and Voronin periods. Oleg Smirnov, the son of the former "president" of Transnistria Igor Smirnov, and Oleg Voronin, the son of Moldova's Communist ex-president Vladimir Voronin, have both profited from this. And they had several meetings in the border area, as I have been informed by e-mail by a previous deputy prime minister in the Moldovan government in charge of the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict in late 2009, after the change in government. The armament is now transported through Ukraine. Obviously, the arms trade has to be tolerated; whenever it has been stopped, the Transnistrian authorities have harassed the Moldovan peasants/farmers from the Dorotcaia area (e.g., Corjova). Denying this would be disingenuous, inasmuch as the harassment has been documented. Those people in Moldova on the Transnistrian border need some peace and quiet. If the price is not complaining that the Ukrainian authorities are allowing the export of weapons, so be it. Yet there is more at stake than meets the eye. "Exposing" Yanukovych's Ukraine would simply push it in Russia's direction, which would be undesirable. Yanukovych's "neo-Titoist" tendencies are encouraged through CIA money into his Cypriot bank account; a few million dollars do make a difference, and this is good. Yet it would be ridiculous to also ask Yanukovych to crack down on the Transnistrian arms shipments. Besides, it is precisely this arms traffic that makes Transnistria less dependent on Russia, which is good. The distinction between an Abkhazia that wants to be independent, including of Russia, and a South Ossetia that wants to unite with Russia has not gone unobserved. There are two options. One of them is an unofficially independent Transnistria that would be largely independent of Russia. Another one is the economic strangling of Transnistria, which should be a lesson to would-be secessionists not to "try anything funny".

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus
In Response

by: rick from: milan
June 05, 2012 01:43
hahaha . :-)))))

really really funny that your post !

Thanks for humor that you've condensed into so few lines !

You are a wonderful example of how is easy write and write write throwing shame for someone

without ever bothering to give evidence

without ever bothering to find a feedback .

I repeat you ,
read EUBAM report ,
mission that was established in November 2005
and is also now there



Corjova is in PMR , district of Dubossary

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, USA
June 05, 2012 13:40

It would appear that Rick is trying to deny the obvious on the basis of technicalities. It was also impossible to prove that Al Capone was responsible for killing people, and he went to jail for tax evasion. Mikhail Bergman, the representative of Shevchuk, the "president" of Transnistria, has alleged that Smirnov has engaged in the arms trade and in some other bad things. Aleksandr Lebed, the former commander of the Russian 14th Army, when he came to Washington and showed how the dirty bombs operate in front of a Congressional committee, also talked about Smirnov's arms smuggling, etc. Smirnov will probably end his days in a Russian jail.

All the best,

Ionas Rus

RussiaFormer Transdnestr President Faces Arms, Kidnap Probe

Former Transndestr leader, Igor Smirnov

12:50 04/06/2012MOSCOW, June 4 (RIA Novosti)
Tags: Igor Smirnov, Transdnestr
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Russia accuses Transdnestr leader’s son of embezzlement
Transdnestr leader’s son suspected of embezzlement
The former Transndestr leader, Igor Smirnov, is facing a probe over his alleged involvement in the arms trade, and abductions, the Kommersant daily said on Monday.

The allegations were made by Mikhail Bergman, a representative of the current president of the breakaway Transdnestr Region of Moldova.

Bergman asked the Russian Investigative Committee to look into the activities of “an organized criminal group” led by Smirnov and a former state security minister, Vladimir Antyufeyev.

The group engaged in “arms trafficking, blackmail, illegitimate financial operations, and the [physical] elimination of persons standing in their way,” Bergman claims.

Smirnov was the president of the Transdnestr Republic for 20 years. In September 2011, he announced plans to seek a fifth consecutive presidential term but lost the poll to Yevgeny Schevchuk.
In Response

by: rik from: milan
June 06, 2012 01:50
I was sure and I was waiting for your post about Bergman

this is normal for a person that bases all his knowledge on media news

First of all
Bergman speaks about "theft of weapons from Russian deposits"

and not about "building weapons in PMR"

Bergman speaks more or less about 1992 ,
period before the war
when he wasn't in PMR
when the rebels of Tiraspol had no weapons
when they try to took them from 14th Army deposit
with the complicity of those soldiers who were living in PMR
and fell the necessity to defend that land

Bergman is not somethink of new ,
he was an oppositor of PMR when was in Tiraspol
and for 20 years was eveytime saying the same things,
expecialy since 1998
when he was expelled by the Russian army

in a nutshell
people like Bergman are the source
and not the evidence
about that campaign of PMR denigration
that has lasted 20 years

And .... also Bergman in this 20 years
never give a litle , also only one little evidence ,

nothing, just talk like you !

This iniziative of Bergman is just a power play
between the old Power of Smirnov and the new management of Shevciuk

Today , a romanian newspaper was so writting :

“ In mod evident acuzatiile generalului rus Mihail Bergman, fac parte si dintr-un joc tactic al conducerii separatistilor pro-rusi de la Tiraspol si al sefilor lui Bergman de la Moscova, avand ca obiectiv cresterea credibilitatii noilor autoritati separatiste in fata Occidentulu “

Al Capone You say ....
nobody could prove that he killed

but at least there were the dead people

Here also there isn't dead
none evidence of the crime
there are no guns,
no one has ever found these weapons
when they were traveling
or when they was passing borders
or when they was in places of shipment

Talk , only talk that does not prove anything

We want evidence
and none in 20 years has never given

this is a fact that you can not ignore
In Response

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus
June 07, 2012 16:16

I have communicated with Mr. Victor Osipov, the former vice-premier of Moldova dealing with the Transnistrian conflict after the Communists lost power. In fact, before that, I had advised him on how to deal with the U.S. embassy, on what to do in Washington, etc., and he communicated to me a number of things regarding Transnistria, most of which I will not make public. I played some "behind the scenes" role in encouraging the Moldovan authorities to pursue European integration without annoying the "Russian bear" a la Austria; I even told Dorin Chirtoaca over the phone that Russia was not behind the burning of the Moldovan parliament and presidency on April 7, 2009. I also have connections with Moldovan and other NGO's that are working on the Transnistria issue; I was thanked in a Promo-Lex report (see, p. 5), or maybe in more than one. I had also gotten plenty of U.S. government information on Transnistria, although not that much very recently. While I disagree with most of what "Rick" writes, and I could provide documentation for what I am saying, I will not do that. Instead, I will comment on those things on which "Rick" might produce some useful details, and add some information for those who might agree with me, but find my information "old news". Obviously, there is some infighting between Shevchuk et al. vs. Smirnov et al. But this is far from the whole truth, inasmuch as Shevchuk got some Western intelligence service money before he got into power (possibly before he knew from where the money came from), and now he and his people are obliged to state some things. Yet this does not mean that those facts are false (they are not), even though "Rick" claims that they are. The outlines of a deal through which Russian would be made an official language through much of Ukraine with Western approval (this is already in the works), a Russian naval basis in Sevastopol, also includes the transformation of Transnistria into an autonomous part of Moldova, not as a federal unit. The claims that Bergman was an opponent of Transnistrian independence reflect the nervousness of the proponents of "Transnistrian" independence. Obviously, since Russia was not able to control Smirnov's trafficking, it will have to abandon Transnistria, and it will get enough in order not to appear that it is "losing face".

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus

by: rick from: milan
June 10, 2012 00:36
you put too much meat on the grill !

I'm not native English
and is a little hard to understand perfectly what you write

I'm glad to know that you have so many important friends
who can give you so many direct news

But let me do an observation
all these are "ONE SIDE ONLY" NEWS ! ! !

The day in which
you can
or should be better to say
you want
maybe also only for pure intellectual honesty

you try to obtain informations also by the other side
i am sure that in that day it will be much more pleasant to read you

about Ukraine and its law of language

(that isn't only in favour of Russian language but in favour of all minority languages
in the zone where the minority speaking people are more than 10% )

I think that This is a democratic law,
you can not deny this
especially for a country like Ukraine
where the in the central-east and south of the country
everyone speaks Russian fluently ....
in the streets, on television, in newspapers.

About the project of Russia
of doing PMR an independent state

this is simply an historic false

Russia never has worked for an idependent PMR

and this for the simple fact that
for Russia,
PMR is the Trojan horse for control the entire Moldova
for prevent them joining ROmania
for prevent them entry into NATO

If in Moldova they will understood something
(but I doubt after all these years)
they would be the first to have interest
to recognize the independence of PMR
and take it off from theyr foot

(try only to think
how would change the internal balance of moldova
whit an hypothetical union with PMR
balances not only political but also ethnic ! )

But to expect this by Moldovans is too much .
About PMR
they ratiocinate more with belly than with brain

Ending .... Bergman
who has always opposed the PMR is well knowed
just to do a google search in Russian
and you can find so many material in this way

But I also understand BErgamn

As I already said
Bergman was a man of order, raised on bread and "soiuz army"
and everything that happened outside of this scheme
was shocking for him

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, OH, USA
June 21, 2012 04:53

It is not my intent to get into a long debate with Rick about Moldova. I do agree with the new language law proposed in Ukraine, but for reasons that are not identical to those proposed by Rick. I happen to find the bill quite consistent with practices in many other parts of Europe. The problem, of course, is that the status of the Ukrainian language could be neglected in the mostly Russian-speaking areas, as it is happening in Gagauz-Yeri in Moldova, and, in the case of the Moldovan/Romanian and Ukrainian languages, in Transnistria.

All the best,


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