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Flag Row Breaks Out In Moldova

Romania's (left) and Moldova's prime ministers meeting in early March. Moldova's Communists say the countries' flags are too similar.
Romania's (left) and Moldova's prime ministers meeting in early March. Moldova's Communists say the countries' flags are too similar.
By RFE/RL's Moldovan Service
Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat has accused local officials from the opposition Communist party of illegally undermining the country's flag, RFE/RL's Moldovan Service reports.

Filat was speaking to journalists after Communist-dominated local councils in the cities of Balti and Cahul voted earlier in the day to raise a bicolor flag next to the official tricolor banner on their town halls.

The Communists have used the red and blue flag as their symbol during weeks of protests surrounding recent presidential elections.

After nearly three years of political deadlock, pro-Western Nicolae Timofti was elected Moldova's president in a March 16 parliamentary vote that the Communists boycotted.

The Communists say the official blue, yellow, and red national flag too closely resembles that of neighboring Romania.

They claim their flag is that of Stefan the Great, a medieval Moldovan king.
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by: Rick from: MILAN
March 31, 2012 02:50
but ... when they give free way to groups of unionists
for march with flags of Romania
and flags of right wing party BANNED in moldova

why they don't speak nothing ?

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, USA
April 01, 2012 04:42

The new flag has nothing to do with the flag of Moldova from the time of Stephen the Great. It is rather a plagiarized version of the Vietcong flag, except that the yellow star is replaced by the yellow head of an ox, which did indeed exist on the red flag of Stephen the Great. Yet having only a red flag with a yellow head of an ox would not have been enough for the Communists to claim that this is a patriotic symbol. It should be noted that the Vietcong flag was partly based on the red/Communist flag and on the blue of the Chinese Kuomintang/nationalism. Vladimir Voronin, the current Communist leader, was slated to become the Soviet ambassador to Vietnam at the time of the failed Soviet coup of 1991, which he supported. Before his return to Moldova in 1993, Voronin, who did not react well to the fall fall of the Soviet Union, was locked up in a Moscow mental hospital. Needless to say, he has avoided explaining what he was doing in Moscow from the collapse of the Soviet Union until 1993. When Voronin's press spokesman from 2002-2004, Valeriu Renita, went to Vietnam with Voronin, he wrote an article in his newspaper, "Sens", in 2003, and also commented under the pseudonym "Supraveghetor" ("Overseer") on the fact that Voronin liked the Vietcong flag, and that he wanted to take the yellow, which he associated with the yellow of the anti-Communist "Our Moldova Alliance", out of the Moldovan flag. As strange as it may sound, regardless of the prefernces of others, Voronin's motivation is more Communist than "patriotic".

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus

In Response

by: rick from: Milan
April 01, 2012 12:43
We can be sure only about one thing

this present day flag of moldova
isn't in any case a flag of moldovans

but a flag imposed by rumenian heraldic commission in 1990 .

We can be 100% sure of this
because is well knowed all the dossier
changed among Bucuresti and Chisinau !

by: vlad from: us-moldova
April 01, 2012 05:42
20 years arguing about the name of the language and the flag colors ...

Work on the economy, education, health care, fight corruption ...
In Response

by: Anonymous
April 01, 2012 12:46
You are right !

please stop looking at the past

after 22 years of wild capitalism !

by: Ionas Aurelian Rus from: Cincinnati, OH
April 07, 2012 17:17

The new, supposedly old, proposed Moldovan flag is regarded as threatening to Ukraine's territorial integrity by plenty of well-informed Ukrainian-Americans and Ukrainian-Canadians, and by some in Ukraine, precisely because the claims that it is based on Moldova's historical flag is (wrongly) taken at face value. Given the fact that Romania's boundaries with Ukraine have been settled 100%, including in terms of details, but those of Moldova with Ukraine have not been finalized on the ground, the Communists' and Dodon's lines are utterly irresponsible in this respect. I have even heard comments among those who have seen that Stephen the Great's flag was red with the head of an ox that the Communists are using the Russian flag minus the white color, which would not go well with the Communists for ideological reasons. The invention of tradition has been more universal; the Moldovan Communists have followed in others' footsteps. However, they will get into the same trouble as did others in the past. If the new flag is so pleasing to Ukrainians, why don't I see Anatol Fetescu, the leader of a Moldovanist association in Ukraine, using it? Even the "neo-Titoist" Yanukovych (with connotations of neutrality between East and West) does not like how Moscow is using the Moldovan Communists and others to put pressure on his country.

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus
In Response

by: Rick from: Milan
April 11, 2012 20:18
take "coat of arms of moldova "

put away romanian eagle

and you have this flag

that you think inspired to russian flag

As you can see ... is very easy

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