Friday, August 26, 2016

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The Rundown - March 30

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Global Post" quotes RFE/RL reporting on police brutality in Russia

International Press Review

# A bill banning the "promotion of homosexuality" to minors was introduced in the Duma
# Ellen Bork on U.S. policy on human rights in Russia

# Osama bin Laden had five safe houses and fathered four children while hiding in Pakistan
# "South Asia's Separation Anxiety" - Dov Zakheim, "National Interest"
# Hezb-i-Islami says it is breaking off peace talks with the Afghan government
# Several districts in Nuristan have fallen to the Taliban

# The Iranian government suspended press accreditation for Reuters staff in Tehran
# "The Christian Science Monitor" on Israel and Azerbaijan

Of Interest
# "The New York Times" reports on the murder of 18-year-old Oksana Makar
# "Spiegel" interviews an executioner for the Syrian Rebel Army
# "Unforgiven, Unforgotten, Unresolved: Bosnia 20 Years On" - Alec Russell, "Financial Times"
# A new book is out on the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "The True Cost of Jackson-Vanik" - Ed Verona, "National Interest"
# A new study shows a rise in Autism rates in children
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