Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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The Rundown - April 2

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Global Post" cites RFE/RL reporting on an acid attack in Afghanistan
# The "BBC" cites RFE/RL reporting on how the Taliban uses mobile phones

International Press Review

# The former head of KGB Foreign Intelligence has died of an apparent suicide
# Dozens of protesters were arrested over the weekend
# Shaun Walker reports on the gay community in St. Petersburg
# "The Guardian" reports on the murder of German Gorbuntsov

# "The Undue Worry About Oil and Iran" - Steve Yetiv, "The Washington Post"
# "Iran Keeps Compromise Option Open" - Mehdi Khalaji, "Real Clear World"

# "The Afghan Endgame Mirage" - Carl Bildt, "Project Syndicate"
# "The Wall St. Journal" reports on jobs for ex-militants in Afghanistan
# "The New York Times" on anxiety among businesses in Afghanistan

Of Interest
# Authorities in the UK say they have uncovered a plot to kill Akhmed Zakayev
# Ethan Zuckerman on the ethics of attention
# Toomas Hendrik Ilves on the future of Europe

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The "AP" reports on once-secret CIA prisons abroad
# The "PBS Newshour" analysis of Shields and Brooks
# Law enforcement agenices are increasingly tracking mobile phone traffic
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