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The Rundown - April 12

Russia -- A passenger reads a newspaper in train, Moscow, 18Dec2009
Russia -- A passenger reads a newspaper in train, Moscow, 18Dec2009
RFE/RL In The Media
# "Pictures at a Revolution" - Luke Allnutt, "Foreign Policy"
# "Eurasianet" and "RIAN" cite RFE/RL reporting on chickens as salary compensation in Uzbekistan

International Press Review

# "Vladimir's Tale" - Anne Applebaum, "NY Review of Books"
# "How Moscow Is Helping to Solve the Iran Problem" - Avi Jorisch, "Moscow Times"

# "Beware of Faulty Intelligence" - Ronen Bergman, "International Herald Tribune"
# "Will Khamenei Compromise?" - Marashi & Eshraghi, "National Interest" 
# Iran has stopped oil exports to Germany

# "In Afghanistan, Who Follows Karzai?" - David Ignatius, "The Washington Post"
# Taliban fighters are trying to ensure a bountiful poppy harvest this year

# "Time" reports on Asif Ali Zardari's visit to India
# India says it is willing to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan

Of Interest
# The BBC reports on women being sterilised in Uzbekistan
# Turkey says it may invoke NATO Article V over Syrian troops firing across the border 
# A short review of "The World in 2050"
# "Cyber War and Peace" - Joseph Nye, "Project Syndicate" 

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# George Zimmerman will be charged with 2nd degree murder
# "Fox News" caught its Gawker mole
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