Saturday, August 30, 2014

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The Rundown - August 20

RFE/RL In The Media
# "Business Insider" cites Brian Whitmore's writing on the Pussy Riot trial
# "National Review" quotes RFE/RL reporting on FEMEN's antics in Ukraine
# "The Voice of Russia" cites RFERL reporting on the Pussy Riot verdict

International Press Review

# "Patriarchy Riot" - Peter Pomerantsev, "London Review of Books"
# Yevgenia Chirikova will run to be mayor of Khimki
# "Why Pussy Riot Is Big in America, But Not Russia" - Nitsuh Abebe, "Vulture"
# The end of Ramadan means the beginning of "Al-RTV"
# A relative remembers Leon Trotsky's assassination

# The U.S. says Iraq is helping Iran skirt sanctions
# "A New Option for a Nuclear Iran" - Patrick Sheehan, "National Interest"

# The "LA Times" on green-on-blue killings
# Seizures of ammonium nitrate have more than doubled in Afghanistan
# "The Two North Waziristans" - Cyril Almeida, "Dawn"
# Mobile service was jammed in major Pakistani cities for Eid

Of Interest
# "Big In Baku" - Joshua Levine, "The New York Times"
# "How Villages Are Erased From the Georgian Map" - Paul Rimple, "Moscow Times"
# FC Sheriff Tiraspol, the best football team in Moldova
# Facebook is now the second biggest video site in the U.S.
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