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Outcry After Russian Police Chief Makes Case For Torture In Memoirs

Tatarstan Interior Minister Asgat Safarov's memoirs have provoked a backlash
Tatarstan Interior Minister Asgat Safarov's memoirs have provoked a backlash
By Tom Balmforth
The top law-enforcement official in the Russian republic of Tatarstan is facing a fresh wave of public anger after published memoirs came to light in which he denounces the abolition of the death penalty and appears to make a case for the use of torture.
Interior Minister Asgat Safarov's memoirs were published in February, just weeks before the Kazan police force he oversees was rocked by scandal after a citizen died of injuries allegedly sustained while in police custody.
The police force's alleged use of torture and rape in the case attracted intense federal scrutiny and led to calls for Safarov's resignation.
Those calls have resurfaced this week after Russian media published excerpts from "The End of A Kazan Phenomenon -- The History Of The Liquidation Of Organized Crime Groups In Tatarstan."
In one extract, widely quoted in Russian media, police chief Safarov writes:
"The 'humanitarians' may throw rocks at me, but it is my deep personal conviction that if a criminal has taken the life of another, then he must pay with his own. And that is even extremely humane. The cruelty of the Middle Ages had a logical explanation -- if you cannot execute a murderer several times, then you take his life in the most agonizing way so that it is an example to all the others."
Controversial Death
The memoirs were published in February, but have only just come to light amid public outcry over the death of 52-year-old Sergei Nazarov, who was apprehended for theft.
Nazarov was delivered to a hospital from police custody on March 11. After he was diagnosed with a ruptured lower intestine, doctors operated on him, but he slipped into a coma and died. He reportedly told doctors he had been raped with a champagne bottle.
Safarov's memoirs were published in FebruarySafarov's memoirs were published in February
Safarov's memoirs were published in February
Safarov's memoirs were published in February
Igor Sholokhov, head of the Kazan Human Rights Center, said he has not yet read Safarov's memoirs but said they should be heavily scrutinized.
"The ban on torture is absolute -- under no circumstance or cases can you carry out torture. This is a global law. You can't torture a little bit, just as you can't be pregnant a little bit. Either it's torture or it isn't torture," Sholokhov said.
On March 23, Anatoly Kucherena, a member of Russia's Public Chamber, a state advisory body, called for Safarov's resignation.
Speaking to Interfax, Kucherena said: "if the mass media reports with extracts from this book are real, then there is no place for this kind of Interior Ministry employee, even more so if he is the head [of the ministry]. Either he must hand in his notice, or he should be relieved of his duties."
Nazarov's case, which spurred over 100 activists to protest against police arbitrariness in the republic, continues to resonate and empower other citizens to come forward and tell their own alleged tales of police abuse.
Sholokov said that his Kazan Human Rights Center has seen a "spike" in appeals for help. Ten people have appealed to the center in the last 12 days specifically about police abuse, compared to one or two in a usual month, he said.
Twenty-eight cases have reportedly been submitted to Russia's Investigative Committee.
Five police officers have been arrested in connection to Nazarov's death. They, and three other officers of the Dalny police station where Nazarov was held, have been fired.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 25, 2012 05:28
Well, one could be sure that the gringo would invite him to work for them torturing people in Guantanamo, but, of course, the US has a whole lot of home-grown professional tortures working in places like Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib or secret prisons in Poland and Romania already - they don't need any help in this area :-)).
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by: Jack from: US
March 26, 2012 02:13
good point. Poland and Romania are examples of how a countries with historically low self-esteem and a history of subservience can fall an easy prey to US government. I did not hear EU "human rights" clowns expressed any concerns over Romania and Poland running torture chambers for US government.
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by: Ilya
March 26, 2012 11:08
Theft and terrorism are slightly different types of crimes Comrade Eugenio.
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by: George from: Bangor, Maine
March 26, 2012 13:16
Don't try to offend Eugenio. She'll call you a gringo and think she's smart.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 26, 2012 13:35
Look who's back - Genosse Ilya :-)). As a matter of fact, compañero, Sen. McCain expected to see you with the scalp of Vladimir Putin on the Kremlin wall about a month ago (remember how you and some guys like you were promising on this Forum that the days of Putin were counted and that Jack and myself were going to go look for some "real job" :-))??). But, as I see, Putin is still in the very same place where he was a month ago, as well as you are in the same place you were back then - just talking on this Forum unable to achieve anything at all :-).
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by: Ilya
March 26, 2012 14:25
Actually, I was one of the people pointing out that Putin would rig the election and 'win'. And here we are :)
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
March 26, 2012 19:00
Eugenio is (as usual) short on facts.

The inmates of Guantanamo, and their families, who were from the Russian Federation petitioned to stay there rather than be returned to Russia to face actual torture.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 27, 2012 17:38
:-)))))))))))))))))))) You are so charming, Andrew from Auckland. That's true, you are right: Guantanamo is not a gringo torture camp (all this is just an invention of the cheap Russian propaganda that I represent :-) - Guantanamo is in fact a cosy Cuban resort (like Varadero) where courageous "US servicemen and servicewomen" come to take a rest between their various demanding missions to promote human rights and universal happiness :-))).
By the way, Andrew, I have had a look at the reference on the "62,000,000 millions killed by the Russians". Aha, so, you are basically saying that if just like ANYONE makes a web-site and publishes there just like ANY figure, this figure has to be true :-)? Ok, point well taken. By the way, how did the author arrive at a conclusion that those were only 62 mln? What was his/her methodology?
And then again, Andrew, the authors you referred to counts "deaths" only starting from 1917 (therewith explicitely blaming Communists like myself for all those supposed deaths). But your argument was different: you said that the "Russians" were responsible for all the murders. So, that's what I am telling you: start counting from the times of Ivan the Terrible, through the days of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great (well, ok, you can leave her time out, as long as she was a German :-), then incorporate the 19th centtury (the wars against Revolutionary France and the defeat of Napoleon in which Russia played one of the leading roles + do not forget of the supression of the Hungarian and Polish revolts of 1848 and of the 1860s + and how about all those peasants that fell victims to serfdom in the Russian Empire?), and then you can, of course, not leave out all those poor Japanese, Germans and Austrians who were slaughtered in the most cold-blooded of manners by the Russians in the wars of 1904-05, WWI and WWII - alone the Battle of Stalingrad (where so many innocent German TOURISTS were killed by the Russians :-) is a manifestation of the infamous Russian Barbarianism :-)).
So, Andrew from Auckland, just sum all those deaths up and you will for sure arrive at the very least at the desired fugure of "620,000,000 killed by the Russians" if not "6,200,000,000". Then you open a web-site of your own, publish this figure there (in coulourful graphs split by historical periods please .-)!) and here we go - a new "authoritative" historical reference :-))!
Cheers from Vienna, Andrew :-)!
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by: Ilya
March 28, 2012 06:54
That's a lot of text Eugenio. Too bad you've completely ignored Andrew's point, which is that conditions are clearly much better in Gitmo than in Russian custody. Looks like it's better to be apprehended by the Americans for terrorism than by the Russians for theft.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 28, 2012 13:59
Hi, Ilya, with Andrew we had a "debate" on some other issue before you came - that's why I took time to type so much text.
Then, you are saying: "conditions are clearly much better in Gitmo than in Russian custody". How do YOU know that? Have you spent time in both :-)))??
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by: Ilya
March 29, 2012 12:40
No, but the gitmo inmates seem to think so. :))
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 29, 2012 14:50
You are saying, ILYA: "the gitmo inmates seem to think so". Who said so? A British newspaper? I remember how the democratically elected British PM Tony Blair was publicly claiming in front of the British Parliament in 2003 that "Iraq had armes of mass destruction that it could activate within 45 minutes" and all the world saw this British guy say this thanks to the BBC.
Then they went to Iraq and have stayed there for 8 years and have found no arms, nothing. In other words the democratic British PM was lying. What do you expect after this: that people would believe every British lie :-)?
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by: Ilya
March 30, 2012 03:34
That's a really fascinating line of reasoning Eug. Let me just make sure that I'm following it correctly: Blair was wrong about Iraqi WMDs, therefore all British media is unreliable, therefore the socialist Guardian newspaper invented some Gitmo detainees who prefer staying there to being sent back to Russia. Is that it? Is that really what it's like inside your head? XD
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 30, 2012 13:07
Ilya, just to clarify for you: I am saying two things here:
(a) I have just had another look at the article published in the Anglo newspaper in question - and what it says is that "MOTHERS of the eight Russians" held in Guantanamo CLAIMED that the conditions in this gringo torture camp are better than those in Russian prisons.
In other words, when Andrew from Auckland says that "the inmates of Guantanamo... who were from the Russian Federation petitioned to stay" in this gringo torture camp he is actually ... let's call it MISREADING what the newspaper said. If you prefer to misread it with him - feel free to do so, but saying "the gitmo inmates seem to think so" (the way you do) is another misrepresentation. The MOTHERS of the "gentlemen" in question have not been in any prison, for which reason their opinions remain just their opinions and nothing else.
(b) Call this newspaper "socialist" if you will - it will remain just another Anglo newspaper. Tony Blair was elected DEMOCRATICALLY by his nation to represent THEM ALL in intl affairs. The guy just was and remains a flagrant Anglo lyier - and the fact that he was not convicted for his Anglo lies and his Anglo crimes against humanity (committed in Iraq and Afghanistan) is indicative of the fact that IT IS OK for the Anglos to have their politicians - as well as their media - lie publicly on all sorts of issues, as long as it suits their Anglo interests.
Given that, it would be a little too optimistic of you and of Andrew from Auckland to think people would just believe any further lies that British politicians or British Media want to sell them as truth. You know, Ilya, if you lie once, then your credibility is undermined in the most serious manner forever.
Cheers from Vienna :-)!
In Response

by: Ilya
March 30, 2012 15:24
a) It doesn't matter if it's the inmates or their mothers - the mothers are looking out for their children and want what's best (or in this case least bad) for them, which is staying in Gitmo instead of going to Russia. Let's assume that they're not in contact with the inmates - you still have to answer why these women are so terrified of Putin's Russia. I thought everyone in Russia who disliked Putin was on the gringo payroll?
b) I don't share or understand your bigotry towards the English. Given your stated sympathies for communist and fascist regimes, I also don't believe that you care the least bit about truth and human rights. And your argument is still basically 'Blair was wrong about the WMDs therefore I can ignore anything that I dislike that I see in the British press'.

by: American Troll
March 25, 2012 12:37
Brace yourselves for another outcry over this guy (an ethnic Tatar, going by his name) being called "Russian" here. Men die over smaller slights to the Slav/Orthodox master race in today's Fourth Reich. Of course, this guy is probably just as offended as Rogozin or Demushkin. You know how Old Worlders get with their cute tribal identity issues. Deadly up close but entertaining from a distance.

by: Bogomir Jeff Lookoff from: Moscow
March 27, 2012 16:54
US & EU - wake up!
That's IMPORTANT, that EVERYBODY understand, that USA and Europe 're playing Russian roulette with KGB crasy dictator!
The shelf life of russian missiles with NUCLEAR WEAPONS passed three times.
New experiment russian nuclear missile “Bulava” half of the cases do not fly in the tests, although it will be adopted in service with the russian Navy in 2012.
The huge fire engulfed a Delta-IV-class russian nuclear submarine “Yekaterinburg” 29.12.2011.
During last 12 months SIX spacecraft fell down.(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
In Russia only 50% destroyed stocks of chemical weapons. And this 20-years process was based on the old resources of the ex-USSR. But who & how will destroy another half?! Hungry soldiers and fierce officers with the rusty equipment?
Russia took first place in the world on corruption. The court system of Russia completely corrupt! All appointment as Judges are sold for money.
In Russia the uncontrolled process of storing weapons of mass destruction and the first place on corruption still added massive fascism.
The future of the planet in the hands of corrupted officers of the KGB and their friends.
Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends! I appeal to those of you who do not live in Russia. Wherever you live, exists thousands of small and large radio stations TV-channels and newspapers. All of them - "the MEDIA". All can send a "media representative" in Russia in the elections 2012. According to russian law (§29) Media representatives may attend at ANY polling station. They have slightly less rights than an Observer, BUT there is a huge legal advantage in the election law - MEDIA representatives can have photo and video.
Help to save NUCLEAR-ARMED Russia from new DICTATORship!
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 27, 2012 17:45
Jeff, calm down, man. The US and EU have woken up a while ago, but right now they really have worries other than the "KGB crasy dictator" armed with "russian missiles with NUCLEAR WEAPONS passed three times" (by the way, how do you, Jeff, "pass nuclear weapons" once, twice or three times :-)?). NATO and US are busy these days (a) packing up their stuff and preparing to run out of AFGHANISTAN as fast as they can; (b) hectically trying to think where to borrow a few extra bucks to pay for their govtl expenditure over the next months. So, very frankly, "the crazy dictator" from KGB is not really on their minds right now, Jeff, I am sorry :-))
In Response

by: Bogomir Jeff Lookoff from: Moscow
April 16, 2012 23:47
To KGB agent Eugenio in Vienna. Try to read ONCE MORE: The SHELF LIFE of russian missiles with NUCLEAR WEAPONS PASSED three times. What for Putin pay you salary, major?!

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