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Bombs Kill Scores In Pakistan

  • An injured rescue worker receives treatment at a hospital after the second bomb blast in Quetta.
  • Police tape marks the site of the first bomb blast in Quetta, which killed 11 people and injured 27.
  • Pakistani security personnel examine the site of one of the explosions.
  • On the outskirts of Mingora, in Pakistan's Swat Valley, another blast struck the Maki mosque.
  • Police inspect the damage to a mosque bombing.
  • A wounded man receives treatment in Mingora.
  • Later in the day, two apparently coordinated bombings shook Quetta again.
  • People inspect the damage in Quetta the day after the attacks.
  • The funeral of a Pakistani journalist, Imran Sheikh, who was killed in twin bomb blasts in Quetta.
  • People carry the coffin of a bombing victim in Mingora.
  • People gather around victims during a funeral service at a Quetta mosque.
PHOTO GALLERY: A string of bombings kills scores in Pakistan.
By RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal
QUETTA, Pakistan -- Explosions claimed by sectarian and separatist militant groups have killed some 115 people and wounded dozens of others in what's been described as one of the bloodiest single days in Pakistan in recent years.

The deadliest attacks on January 10 occurred in Quetta, capital of the southwestern Balochistan Province.

More than 80 people were reported killed in two coordinated blasts -- from a suicide bomber and a car bomb -- apparently targeting minority Shi'a at a Quetta snooker club.

WATCH: The aftermath of the fatal bombing in Quetta
Explosion Kills At Least 11 In Quetta i
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January 10, 2013
A bomb exploded in a crowded area of Quetta, southwestern Pakistan, killing at least 11 and wounding more than 30. Police said the bomb had been placed under a paramilitary vehicle near a checkpoint. (Khudai Noor Nasar, RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal)

The attack was claimed by the Sunni militant Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group.

Meanwhile, a number of Sh'ia in Quetta have refused to bury their dead to protest the deadly bombings targeting the Shi'ite minority.

On January 11, members of Quetta's Shi'ite community laid at least 30 bodies, draped in shrouds and placed in coffins, out on the street.

They said they would not bury them until the government improves security in the area. Shi'a also burnt tires and blocked a nearby road in protest.

Earlier in Quetta, at least 11 people were killed by an explosion claimed by the separatist ethnic United Baluch Army.

Balochistan's government has announced three days of mourning for the victims.

In the northwestern Swat Valley, at least 22 people were reported killed by an explosion near Mingora.

Pakistani Taliban are suspected of carrying out that attack.

With reporting by AFP, AP, and dpa

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