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Podcast: The Sochi Syndrome

Sochi 2014, a metaphor for Russia
Sochi 2014, a metaphor for Russia
They're finally here!

After years of anticipation, the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi are finally underway.

What do the the seven years of preparations for the Sochi Olympics illustrate about Russia? And how will things develop once Vladimir Putin's big party is over?

In the latest Power Vertical Podcast, we discuss Sochi as a metaphor for Russia.

Joining me is co-host Mark Galeotti, a professor at New York University, an expert on Russia's security services and author of the blog "In Moscow's Shadows.

Also on the podcast, Mark and I discuss recent efforts by the Kremlin to rein in social networks and new media -- including the recent moves against Dozhd TV.

Power Vertical Podcast -- February 7, 2014
Power Vertical Podcast -- February 7, 2014i
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 07, 2014 20:17
Not "in Moscow's Shadows" but a new "Iron Curtain".
Russian Gestapo and SS silencing any peaceful protest,
In Caucasus and even independent CIS countries again.
As "Custom Iron Curtain" blocking US team food in vain,
Yogurt, will they also block food chosen by foreign test?
Will they order non-Russians in expanding Russia eat
Borsh with Biologic and Chimical "low level" poison?
Including embassies? Like Bechtel that ate borsh?
Like me and my mother, they made sick in USA
And killed her 7/7/2012, using KGB and CIA?

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 08, 2014 09:56
It starts with pseudo-history of invaded by Varanga Russia.
Commentators call all CIS, including Sochi - Russian lands.
Viking-Varaga, cacophony-balloons, fool hats shape-“blya”,
Expanding through Euro-Asia, as cacophony of colors went
Covering with childish niceness total genocide of the “weld”.
The total abomination, misunderstood by middle foreign fool,
Are actually, in eye of non-Russian, propaganda Nazi school,
Followed by demand of Russia that breeding-out - as the rule,
Repopulate by ethnic Russia and few other Neanderthal-gulls
Euro-Asia, the World and Georgian Sochi -which Lenin killed.
Than followed Peter The Great, the nephew of Georgian King,
That by good will of Georgia and Eastern Europe built Russia,
Which promised to Georgia repay - share what would be built,
Rebuild integrity of East Europe nations - Peter killed, Prussia,
Meld with Russia, divided East Europe, be betrayed and killed.
In opening show they depicted Peter as an ethnic Russia Czar,
That armed to teeth Russian Varag-Prussak in imperial “ugar”,
To betray the Eastern Europe and the Asia to conquer in blood,
Marching as imperial macaques into Georgia as breeding mud!
Main dish is simple - negate the meaning of “Georgian Tractat”.
By “Tractat” all Caucasus, or most, liberate from foreign bases
And armies, given choice to restore its old pre-Georgian world
Of Iberian-Caucasian race - World's Civilization with additions
Of joining through history people, the Skiffs and Guns in North
And tribes of Israel - for millenniums were the Common Wealth.
Russians try to ignore it - instead Russian translation mockery,
Like Caucasus is Russia, annex Georgia provinces by trickery,
Genocide, secret intimidation, nobody protests Sochi Olympics,
Only Russian military “oboroten’s”, terrorists scare local people.
Peter-time followed by prize imperial arts, please imperial Brits.
Soviet time reduced “Avangard” caricature by Russian Shtaby”.
Prizing losses and victory in WW2, usurped by Brits for Russia.
Kantaria, flag on Reichstag, elected, Russia invaded, 1992-93,
Annex Georgian Abkhazia, Ossetia, Sochi - in name of “lazha”.
Final symbolics and innuendoes, expand Russ. Putin pomazan.
Where is going dancing Russia? Pleased Brits imperial-phony?
From the dark emerging spots of murky lights, growing, crawly.
Multiplying, not unlike “larva of Magogs” in science fiction, glow.
Is it to eat us inside out, inflicting pain-influx ethnic Russia flow?
Larva turn into evil “alien eggs” from science fiction, suck-grow.
It turning peaceful dance, umbrellas-mushrooms - friendly-nice,
Not unlike the famous in East umbrella - Bulgarian “bratushka",
If not the shape of poisonous mushrooms - in the daisy dance,
If not a vision, all, but Russia, gone by Bulgarian “sestrushka".
Than again evil eggs - pulsating, about spit at us its “yushka”.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 10, 2014 10:09
No surprise, I commented on "Radio Free Europe" Forum,
About Caucasus being so oppressed by Russian occupation,
Cleansing and assassinations including terrorists-"oboroten's",
Of Russia so nobody protests in Caucasus against annexation
Caucasus, Georgian Sochi, Abkhazia, Ossetia and Olympics:

British, lured by and covering-up for the Russian aggression,
Immediately replied in English on British-American television
They made interview with pseudo-Cherkes, in Sochi's region,
Probably enslaved for WW2 crimes families that KGB footed:

It reminds frame-kill of Rosenberg by Nazis, usurping science.
British covered in World press murder against common sense,
For years - conspiring with ethnic Russian and German Nazis, East and West pogrom on Jews, Intellectuals, non-Russians – Usurp-plagiarize for redish-greish buts of intellectual gnomes.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
February 08, 2014 09:59
Guys, could you please create a comments section for your articles on what is currently happening in Bosnia? After all, this Bosnian Spring is a direct result of the last 18 years of "successful state-building" by the US and their allies in the Balkans.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 08, 2014 21:37
Is Eugenio points at Russian rights to do no Better than US,
Cleansing, intimidating, repopulating-annexing part by part CIS,
That isn't true. US only looks as bad and even more bombastic,
Setup by Russia, white, red, apparatchiks and propagandistic.

Help Russia make "Husik" to invade a country, as precedent,
For Russia to invade all CIS. US liberated invaded, but went,
Incited by proxies kill 2 Millions, as Russia did in Afghanistan,
Killed only 200 Thousands - press caught barrages and bent
Shwartckov-Litvak and Russian press genocide "Bananistan".

US was lured to violate old Superpower and Third World ban
on Air-defense versus strategic bombing and got a Holly War,
Eventually in stile of Powers, so capitalists secretly dealt than
To prevent a Holly War with Muslim World, but left open door
For Russian and imperial resurrections proxies expand alone.

It is why they make mistakes and everyone in US is lobbying,
Like Germans, since Donovan and Casey CIA, forged NASA,
Blowing all other Space agencies lunches, Kennedy in Berlin,
Promising "lost lands" to "Ih been the Doiche", imperial busts
Also included divide Eastern Europe and Balkans - UGO lost.

Russia-Prussia dividing UGO too. Long before bombed UGO,
Auto-Plants, German-Russian proxies from Sun Diego Radio
Demanded to destroy UGO, to enlarge Folswagen's markets.
What Eugenio expects from treasonous Russia-Prussia trick?
If not my writings on internet and UN, Serbia mightn't even be.

By the way, USA agencies, like the CIA - all Russian controls.
For helping slow 2008 invasion, I am target of assassinations,
Along with my mother, killed 7/7/2012, threats before my eyes
And demands to kill us at home and in hospitals done by them.
Russia-Levites calculated, British let, "Hachik" and Nazis killed.

by: Anonymous
February 08, 2014 16:08
Power Vertical Paranoich

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 08, 2014 22:03
Another Russian provocation - woodwork of Russia-"dubina"!
Artem Kozlov that sound like a half Turkish Armenian,
Half Russian drunk, turned "Ukrainian Citizen",
Pretended to bomb the Sochi Olympics!
Plane was saved by "Turkish pilot"?
With Ukrainian name of the pilot "Lenco"?
What a canning trick of "ratenforband" swine!
Is it to Punish "Ukraine's terrorist" for a Russian spy?
Is it to prize Russia for Ukrainian name pilot considered Turk?

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