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Poland Bans Czech Hard Alcohol As Death Toll Rises

Some Czechs Defiant As Alcohol Ban Goes Into Effecti
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September 17, 2012
The Czech government has banned the sale of hard liquor after at least 20 people died from drinking bootleg vodka and rum tainted with methanol. Bar and restaurant owners are worried about the economic impact of the prohibition, but many Czechs are not letting the ban dampen their spirits. (Reuters video)

WATCH: Czechs come to terms with a ban on hard liquor.

Poland has suspended the sale of hard alcohol from the Czech Republic as the number of poisonings attributed to the consumption of bootleg alcohol continues to rise.

Polish Chief Health Inspector Marek Posobkiewicz confirmed on September 17 that the authorities there have banned for one month the sale in Poland of all alcoholic beverages from the Czech Republic with the exception of wine and beer.

In the Czech Republic, 20 people have died and dozens have been hospitalized after drinking alcohol laced with toxic methanol. 

On September 14, Czech authorities banned the sale of liquor that is more than 20 percent alcohol.

Polish media reports said at least four people died in Poland from drinking bootleg alcohol, and that at least two fatalities were thought to be the result of drinking alcohol from the Czech Republic.

Based on reporting by dpa and Reuters

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