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Putin Says Kremlin May Restrict U.S. Citizens' Entry Over Rights Dispute

Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow will introduce restrictions on some American citizens entering the country if the U.S. Congress passes a measure aimed at penalizing Russian officials for human rights abuses. 

Putin was speaking to reporters at the end of a Group of 20 leaders summit in Mexico. 

The proposed U.S. legislation would sanction Russian officials linked to the 2009 prison death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who had been investigating corruption. 

The legislation is being held up in the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee amid some disagreement over its wording.  

Russia has warned the legislation could threaten bilateral ties and the Obama administration has publicly opposed it.

With reporting by Reuters and AP
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by: Anonymous
June 20, 2012 07:25
Since 9/11 it's the War on Terror
One "false flag" attack so called by error
Blair, Bush, and Israel had a Pact in store
Their next surprise is knocking at your door
A hidden vile Idea from those who want "more"
will use you and your Belief for the next World War
As "chosen people" gain while Humankind loses
Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses
Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes
could not side with either one to get ready for our times
to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution
one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution


A new type of Revolution wins with the ultimate weapon
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