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German Group Withdraws Putin 'Role Model' Prize

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: "This [decision] has nothing to do with Russian-German ties."
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: "This [decision] has nothing to do with Russian-German ties."
The organizers of a prominent German political prize have bowed to public pressure and withdrew its choice of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the annual role model award.

The Werkstatt Deutschland organization cited "massive criticism in the media and the political world" over its plans to give Putin the Quadriga Award that recognizes "role models for enlightenment, dedication, and the public good."

The group said it "profoundly regretted the news that [former Czech President] Vaclav Havel wanted to return his prize received in 2009" in protest at Putin's nomination.

"It pains us all that [Havel] apparently no longer sees fit to remain in the fold of recipients," the nominating committee said.   

The Quadriga panel voiced "great regret" that it is was forced to retract the prize, but said "the growing pressure was becoming  increasingly unsustainable and risked escalating further."

It said it is calling off this year's award ceremony all together -- traditionally held on the anniversary of German reunification in October -- because of the "increasingly unbearable pressure."

A spokesman for Putin said the decision would not affect ties between Russia and Berlin.

"This has nothing to do with Russian-German ties," Dmitry Peskov told AFP.

The Putin government will "treat with respect any decision by this organization," he added.

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by: Jack from: US
July 16, 2011 14:24
indeed, the award should not have been given to Putin. Clearly all the awards of that sort are destined exclusively for pathetic worms and losers like Havel or Gorby. Add Obama to that list too, once he signs off on surrender to Taliban, Obama would earn this award and Nobel peace prize as well, along with Kissinger, Arafat and multitude of similar characters.
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by: Jan from: Prague
July 16, 2011 19:06
But Putin is like a new Hitler. He hates the real democracy!

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 16, 2011 19:36
poor Putin, from this blow may just never recover :-))...

by: eric d from: IF Idaho USA
July 16, 2011 22:05
The crimes of the Putin regime against civil & human rights in the Chechen War & the Russian FSB "counter-terrorist" effort have been extensively documented by Anna Politkovskaya & others. Whether Putin himself authorized the FSB plot behind the Moscow Apartment Bombings, the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis, the Beslan Hostage Crisis, the Moscow Subway Bombings etc. etc. Putin hardly serves as a "role model" for pro-democracy forces or civil & human rights activists, as Vaclav Havel & others well know. Rather than a "loser," Havel & the Czech activists of Charter 77 are themselves role models for political didssidents & democracy activists like Liu Xiaobo & Charter 08 in China & rightly refuse to be associated with Vladimir Putin & his criminal FSB regime. It's an embarassment that a German organization would even consider calling Putin a "role model"; & shows how far away from the German pro-democracy spirit that brought down the Berlin Wall & ended the Soviet (Russian) occupation of Eastern Europe the German people currently are. (How quickly they forget!) Vladimir Putin more closely resembles Jospeh Stalin (Ivan the Trrible or Vlad the Impaler!) than a democracy "role model' like Havel. And even while the names have changed, the FSB is still just KGB spelled backward...

by: vp from: peters
July 17, 2011 01:00
yeah, i am bleeding like that havel prostitute.

by: Hughey Mack from: Philadelphia Pa
July 17, 2011 03:45
The organization bowed to media pressure, why did they not explain why the organization nominated Putin.

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