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Putin Calls Protests 'Unavoidable Price Of Democracy'

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir PutinRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said there was nothing unusual in the mass protests against his domination of Russia.

Speaking in a televised message to Russians on December 31 ahead of the New Year, Putin called protests "the unavoidable price of democracy."

In recent days, Putin has mocked the protest movement, saying it appeared to have no program and no leader. But he said he sent his greetings to all Russians, whatever their political sympathies.

The protest movement has not said when it will call its next mass demonstration ahead of the March 4 presidential election, where Putin hopes to win a third term as president after his four-year stint as prime minister.

Meanwhile, the French AFP news agency reports that Moscow police arrested about a dozen people on December 31 while they were trying to attend an unsanctioned New Year's Eve antigovernment protest.

A similar number of people reportedly were detained at a separate unsanctioned event in Saint Petersburg.

compiled from agency reports
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
January 01, 2012 12:35
Wrong photo-impression...
Wrong answers-impression...

No program?
No leader?

I said this words during 1956 Hungarian events, unprepared by
Hungarians uprising, provoked by Russians in order to sale
to USA 150-200 thousands of best Hungarians be plagiarized
and exploited...
Now Putin is saying it?

Russia never stopped and successfully destroyed marriage between the Labour and Intelligencia with periodic successs:

Since times of replacing "Petrovians" by "Ekaterinians"...

Since times of Nocolos "Kill Juden, Pols and Intellectuals"...

Since 1930-th times pogroms against Jews, Pols, Georgians
and their specialists, intelligencia and Noble...

Since 1947 Stalin put under house arrest times, sentencing
me to death in Moscow for refusing be plagiarized by Russians
at age 4, reneging on restoration of CIS, influxing non-Russian
republics by Russians and unleashing plagiarizm of Global
proportions, bribing by it West and East and turning this Planet
into abomination...

Since Putin and Patrushev ordered torture me in KGB death camps to brake me down to be their secret advisor and to be plagiarized - but I denied them in 1970-th...

Since here, in USA, Russians and their USA agencies holding me and my old mother in improvized prisons, torturing by
Lemurs, "non-lethal" weapons, making sick and killing us since 1980 - plagtiarizing all they and their vibrators and telepaths
can squize from me...

..."New Year"...

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