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The Rundown - November 26

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on Iran's opposition leaders and the new NGO law in Russia
# "The Telegraph" cites RFE/RL reporting on Gulnara Karimova

International Press Review

# Russia has been sending planes full of cash to Syria
# Russian culture is making a comeback in Afghanistan
# Gazprom may be on the verge of a price war with Europe
# The UN criticized Russia on its human rights record
# "National Geographic" on saving the Siberian tiger

# More Shi'ites were targeted in Pakistan over the weekend
# Kabul's main universities are closed due to sectarian clashes
# "Our Man in Kabul?" - Yaroslav Trofimov, "The Wall St. Journal"
# The U.S. may keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan

# Iran's medical technology continues to suffer
# Turkey pays for Iranian oil and gas with gold

RFE/RL Brodacast Region
# "Selling the Georgian Dream" - Luka Oreskovic, "Moscow Times"
# "The Guardian" reports on the Ramush Haradinaj trial

Of Interest
# On the immigrant community of Brighton Beach, New Jersey
# How to own more than 1,000 "companies"
# "Foreign Policy" compiles its 100 top global thinkers
# Which Bond villian actually would have worked?

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The U.S. is trying to better codify its drone operations
# "How Hillary Clinton’s Choices Predict Her Future" - Stephanie McCrummen, "The Washington Post"
# "It's Hard to Make It in America" - Lane Kenworthy, "Foreign Affairs"
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by: J. JUAREZ from: MEXICO, DF
November 26, 2012 23:03
If Iran is making an atomic bomb, it is its right to do it.
If Irak would have had atomic bombs, would have been invaded so easily? And with lies as "solid arguments"?
While International Law is not aknowledge, all countries will have the right to make atomic bombs. Very sad future, if any.

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