Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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The Rundown - December 5

RFE/RL In The Media
# "The Wall St. Journal" reports on RFE/RL's Tajik Service site being blocked
# "The Story" interviews Khadija Ismayilova
# "What Ails You, Putin?" - Masha Gessen, "International Herald Tribune"
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on election symbols in Paksitan

International Press Review

# Meet one of Iran's most high-profile environmentalists
# Iranian writers condemn censorship

# "12 Reasons Why Russia Is a Great Investment" - Daniel Thorniley, "Moscow Times"
# "Has the Russian Opposition Lost Its Way?" - Ben Judah, "OpenDemocracy"
# Meeting secretly with Pussy Riot members
# A change of tack for Vladimir Putin?
# On dash cams in Russia
# Russians now have their own iTunes market...if they can keep it

# "In Afghanistan, It’s Not All in the Numbers" - Sarah Chayes, Carnegie Endowment
# The Taliban has turned against Pakistan's right wing journalists
# A look at Afghanistan's Ulema Council

RFE/RL Broadcast Region
# An interview with Azerbaijani satirist Mehman Huseynov
# "Ukraine’s Flawed Elections: A Silver Lining?" - Anders Aslund, CEPA
# "The Wall St. Journal" on Armenians leaving Syria
# How the Central Asian states have fared with the U.S. Department of Defense
# "Crisis Looms in Central Asia’s Great Game" - Ahmed Rashid, "Financial Times"

Of Interest
# The state of the Internet
# What are the ethics of this picture?
# A look at the relationship among the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and the Israeli right

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# The fiscal cliff negotiations continue
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