Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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The Rundown - January 8

# A new report goes deeper on the money trail Sergei Magnitsky was following
# The Orthodox Church has called on Russians to adopt children
# "How to Work with Russia on Syria" - Paul Saunders, "National Interest"
# A Montana family will head to Russia to try to complete an adoption
# Fake trips to Mars are apparently quite boring

# An Iranian law student in the U.S. discusses his home country
# Tehran acknowledges how sanctions have hit energy exports
# "Step by Step with Iran" - Reza Marashi, "National Interest"
# The ayatollah comes in mint, pine, and of course new car smells

# "The Last Men" - Luke Mogelson, "The New Republic"
# "A 'Zero Option' for Afghanistan" - David Barno, "Foreign Policy"

# Reports of more drone strikes in North Waziristan
# Ahmed Rashid on the importance of elections in Afghanistan and Pakistan

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Richard Ben Cramer has died
# Romm for Debate: John Brennan as CIA director
# Chuck Hagel has been officially nominated for secretary of defense
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