Thursday, August 25, 2016

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The Rundown - February 27

RFE/RL In The Media
# Read RFE/RL in "The Atlantic" on the War on Terror and the Max Shatto case

International Press Review

# An offer has been made
# "The National" goes inside Evin Prison
# Iran is deloying old tankers to avoid sanctions
# The architect of the national intranet may be getting a promotion

# "How Russia Mismanaged the Financial Crisis" - Anders Aslund, "Moscow Times"
# The Moscow headquarters of aluminum giant RusAl were raided by investigators
# Information is a premium in the Litvinenko investigation
# A political appointment may threaten one of Russia's heritage centers

# "Afghanistan’s Partition Might be Unpreventable" - Brahma Chellaney, "The Japan Times"
# More on the threat to Pakistan's Shia community
# Business is tough for Kabul's burqa sellers
# Wrestlers in Lahore are fighting to keep their tradition alive

Of Interest
# "The Pope and the Spy Who Loved Him" - Sean Flynn, "GQ"
# Pro-Assad hackers took over the Twitter handle of "AFP"
# A replica of the Titanic will set sail

Science & Technology
# Stuxnet may be a few years older than previously thought
# Pack your bags for Mars
# Get some sleep

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# Chuck Hagel was approved by the Senate (vote: 58-41)
# The Senate will not investigate the making of Zero Dark Thirty
# Bradley Manning's request for dismissal was denied
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