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The Rundown - March 8

Sharing a newspaper in a village in Tatarstan.
Sharing a newspaper in a village in Tatarstan.
RFE/RL In The Media
# "Making a State a State" -- Courtney Brooks, "World Policy Journal"
# The Council on Foreign Relations links to RFE/RL coverage of the Stalin anniversary

International Press Review

# The EU is expanding sanctions against Iran for rights abuses
# A very interesting photo exhibit has opened in Tehran
# How Iran has fueled India's rice boom

# Marking International Women's Day in Russia
# Russia is investigating a former Olympic official
# "Why Magnitsky Matters, Even to Hard-Headed Investors" -- Stefan Wagstyl, "Financial Times"
# "Did this Bolshoi Ballerina Inspire an Acid Attack?" -- Simon Shuster, "Time"

# Some Sunnis have helped Shi'ites escape death squads in Pakistan
# Asif Ali Zardari will break ground on a new pipeline with Iran on Monday
# Pervez Musharaff says Pashtuns were marginalized in Pakistan

RFE/RL Target Region
# The "Financial Times" on Gulnara Karimova's political and business ventures 
# Talking to working mothers from Tajikistan to the Czech Republic

Of Interest
# Who is Sulaiman Abu Ghaith?
# "Pay up for Nato or Shut it Down" -- Philip Stephens, "Financial Times"
# "The Future of Journalism: It’s Time to Pick a Side" -- Paul Carr
# Some Chinese parliamentarians are really really rich

Science & Technology
# Facebook is changing the look of its newsfeeds
# "The Case for Big Brother" -- Charles Kenny, "Foreign Policy"
# You're now being tracked offline too
# This star looks like it's older than the universe

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# John Brennan was confirmed as head of the CIA
# The office overseeing contracting crimes in Iraq will remain open
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