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The Rundown - April 9

A woman reading the newspaper in Tatarstan.
A woman reading the newspaper in Tatarstan.
Afternoon Update


# A magnitude 6 earthquake struck near Bushehr (more on the location of the nuclear site)
# Iran will start mining uranium
# Some Iranian MPs want to annex part of Azerbaijan

# "Is Vladimir Putin's Foreign Policy Unpopular? Not So Much" -- Mark Adomanis, "Forbes"

# Heavy fighting in Pakistan's Tirah Valley
# Pervez Musharraf's treason hearing was postponed

Of Interest
# Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims ties with the Al-Nusra Front in Syria
# Bitcoin isn't the only alternative currency out there

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# # The U.S. will increase intel-sharing with Central Asian governments
# Video of that new laser weapon in action
Morning Edition

RFE/RL In The Media

# "Total Dictation, Partial Dictatorship" -- Masha Gessen, "The New York Times"

International Press Review

# A senior lawmaker says Iran could withdraw from the NPT
# Iran may have continued weapons research after 2003
# Western officials there is enough substance to keep talking to Iran
# Some U.S. senators want to add more sanctions on Iran
# "The Utility of the Iran Sanctions" -- Bryan Prior, "National Interest"

# Vladimir Putin smiled through the protests in Germany
# Mikhail Beketov has died
# Russia has been in the WTO for eight months
# Corruption is a booming business sector in Russia

# Afghanistan as a destination for asylum seekers
# Omar Waraich on the piety test for potential Pakistani politicians
# 69 candidates are vying for 10 seats reserved for non-Muslims in Pakistan
# "Is It Time to Forgive Greg Mortenson?" -- Jon Krakauer, "The Daily Beast"

RFE/RL Target Region
# There will be competing inaugurations today in Armenia
# The case against Femen
# "The U.S. Has a Foreign-Policy Partner in Iraq" -- Nouri al-Maliki, "The Washington Post"
# Serbia has rejected an EU-sponsored deal on Kosovo
# Maybe Gulnara Karimova did not resign from her UN post

Of Interest
# RFE/RL talks to Margaret Thatcher in 1991
# In Pictures: Margaret Thatcher and the Cold War
# Not the most sympathetic read on Cyprus

North Korea
# Discussing North Korea with a nuclear scientist who has been there
# A.Q. Khan doesn't think North Korea will use a nuclear weapon
# Who is paying North Korea's bills?

U.S. Politics/Foreign Policy
# "Time to Face Facts" -- John Kerry, "Foreign Policy"
# The navy is deploying its new antidrone laser
# The U.S. has thousands of records from the Saddam Hussein era in Iraq
# A "Fox News" reporter may go to jail for protecting a source
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