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Ukraine Unspun

Two Perspectives On Russia's G8 Status

Leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations at their meeting in The Hague on March 25.
Leaders of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations at their meeting in The Hague on March 25.
Meeting in the Hague on March 24, the United States and six other members of the Group of Eight (G8) industrially advanced nations agreed to suspend Russia's participation in the club, cancel a meeting of the group in Sochi, and instead hold one in Brussels.
The Group of Seven, which represents the seven leading industrialized countries, said the move was in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea.
RFE/RL decided to compare a few headlines: 
"New York Times:" Russia Is Ousted From Group of 8 by U.S. and Allies
"Wall Street Journal:"
G-7 Agrees to Exclude Russia, Increase Sanctions
ITAR-TASS (Russia's state-run news agency):
Leaders of G7 suspend their countries’ participation in G8
In fairness to ITAR-TASS, the headline comes directly from the G7 statement. Here's the line in question: 
"We will suspend our participation in the G8 until Russia changes course and the environment comes back to where the G8 is able to have a meaningful discussion."
Nonetheless, taken out of context, the headline makes it sound like there's still a G8, but Russia is its only member.
That's certainly one way of looking at it.
And perhaps it's appropriate -- as of the time of publication, Russia's G8 website was still up and running: -- Glenn Kates
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 26, 2014 05:33
Why the G7 leaders are so happy in the photo above?
Happy that finally they got Russia where they always had it?
Justly so in case of Russian aggression against neighbors.
Why, however, I have a filling that they starring at me?
Because of a joke about Brits, Bechtel, and A-bomb?
I hope that after Russians and Americans got my
mother killed, blackmailing me be plagiarized,
thus ending my family line, they don't think they won?
Just because I tried to help Georgia, Ukraine, and CIS?
Victoriously smiling at victory of their witchy plagiarist game?
Such victory already condemned World to its death eternal.
I just help when I can, according to Iberian-Caucasian law,
but not to plagiarist elite of West or East. I hope it isn't it...
If they are just happy - good, keep being right and just...
My last post:
UK/Ukraine might indeed pose challenge.
As Russian Varangas were idealizing British Empire as mentor.
As British Normans were idealizing Russian Empire as
students, somewhat a bit wild -
As new World made Churchill and Stalin allies and Stalin
tried soften Churchill, showing him in vain his red-haired
daughter -
As I tried remind Brutish, since Russians burned history books,
that Saxons came from Ukraine and Ings from Ingushetia
(North border of Georgia) –
would it be in vain also?
I hope not, unless, not withstanding the threat to Human
Civilization and Caucasian race at large, Britain is still owned
by Norman invaders that have illusion that their students,
Russian Viking-Varanga, will not do to them the same that
they did to a big Norman guy in a movie "The 13th Warrior"...
As Bechtel, with advise of Brits, in 1954, gave to ethnic Russia
technology to build arsenals of A-bombs, to bomb resisting
repopulation by Russia nations, like Georgia and Ukraine –
will British help us all to prohibit Russians use, or threaten
us with A-bombs, to expand their evil Empire?

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 31, 2014 06:44
Three criterions of Obama policies:
Obama and everybody also economy, West and East, based on plagiarism - they stole from me some, during Obama-McCain election, I wrote for McCain, and still running around with it, whether it works or not.
The elite of mediocre, canning but very rich and powerful conspiracy running this Planet and USA.
Obama and Putin, as do the others, conspire to steal from us. That is more important to them than Death and coarse eternal for Human race.
Blackmailing me, they murdered my mother.
If I had hope one day help again, if they would repent and return all back - not anymore.
World Security was almost O.K., where co-existence was in question - not anymore.
USA allowed World sleep into A-bomb search by North Korea , Iran and others, but even more important is expanding Russia. They got away invade, cleanse, genocide and repopulate by Russians North Caucasus, Georgia provinces, part of Moldova and now Ukraine.
West let them to sale stolen oil and gas, repay debt, got rich, upgrade their industries, rearm themselves, blockade
neighbors, plunder and expand like Nazi Empire, blockade West and ruin many, West and East.
Now is a testament day - will new Hitler invade new Poland (they already murdered Polish government and put in pro-Russian) - Ukraine?
USA getting more and more docile during Obama,
Like USA leaders are mind-controlled by Russia.
WW3 must be avoided - not by Global slavery!
Why not froze assets, trillions that Russia steal,
from former USSR republics and East Europe,
moving through the Globe as a mafia - to make
World pure, expanding the "Pomesh'ik" empire?

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