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Are You Looking Forward To Sochi? Survey Says: 'Meh'

The results of an official survey about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi were not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Games.
The results of an official survey about the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi were not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Games.
"Other" wins an online poll asking respondents how much they are looking forward to next month's Winter Olympics in Sochi. RFE/RL's Glenn Kates has more.

In early January, RFE/RL reported on an official Sochi Olympics website poll that essentially asked, "will these games be 'great, or the greatest?'" 

The question posed was: "Are you looking forward to the Olympic games?" "No" was not among the possible answers. In fact, the only possible response other than a wholehearted "yes" was "other."

We can now report that with 17,906 votes counted, the results are in.

"Other" wins -- earning an impressive 69 percent of the vote.

Below is a breakdown of the results of the poll:

"Are you looking forward to the Olympic Games?"

7.07 percent -- Yes, I've been waiting since the victory in Guatemala [where Sochi won the right to host the Games in 2007]! I can't believe there is so little time left!

12.99 percent -- I'm really looking forward to them! The Games are a great event, not only for our country, but for the whole world!

9.37 percent -- I'm looking forward to them, because I enjoy sport and follow every Olympics

8.94 percent -- I'm looking forward to them, because I hope for great results from our athletes!

69.24 percent -- Other

Respondents were not provided with the opportunity to add commentary to their votes, so one can only guess as to what those voting "other" had in mind.

-- Glenn Kates
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by: Anonymous
January 29, 2014 14:40
i hope this games will not play. if russia wants olympics, they can make it another "invaded" country, not caucasus.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
January 30, 2014 16:18
Dear RFE/RL, I think it is great you have discovered economics as one of the topics worth writing on (your today's article on the Emerging Economies). It is a pity though you have not provided this article with a comment section.
I just wanted to share with the readership of this distinguished web-site results of the recent study by the UNCTAD (one of the UN agencies) on the global state of Forign Direct Investments (FDI) in 2013. So, according to this study, the Russian Federation became in 2013 the THIRD (after the US and the PRC) country globally in terms of attracted FDI, having advanced from the NINTH position that it had taken in 2012.
FDI in Russia in 2013 reached the level of US $ 94 billion, as compared to US $ 53 billion in the UK, US $ 37 billion in Spain, US $ 32 billion in Germany or US $ 22 billion in the Netherlands.
Anyways, just thought someone on this Forum might find this piece of info interesting :-).
Source (see the Chart on Page 6):

by: Anonymous
February 02, 2014 18:03
If only I'm not mistaken, the percentages do not add up to 100.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 11, 2014 11:24
My comment:
Seagal is a proxy or a spy of Nazi Russia.
Russia invaded Caucasus and parts of Georgia,
To cleanse and breed in their houses Viking-Prussians,
Races of genocidal macaque, but being canning as "Borgios".

The "terrorists" there are ethnic Russian "Armies of Death",
And children of raped by Russians non-Russian women,
Mixed with propaganda snitches, a gimmick wreck,
Mostly children of WW2 criminals, slave-men,
Like Umarov,- under Russian command.

Is Seagal promised, if lie for Russ Nazis,
Grab our houses, next to Putin's "nashi"?
Terrorism happening in preference ranks,
Race and politic hate use NLW, telepaths
And other mean ways of Russia to debunk
Sportsmen and nations in the Russia's way,
Falling and stumble, leave medals for swine,
Imperial resurrection of Russian slave Empire
And Brits and Germs-Austrians, partner in crime.
The only reason few Americans broke through that,
Russia is not sure of capability of US smell Russian rat.

Some sportsmen, like Georgian lager, already got killed...

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