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South Korea Under Fire For 'Scientific' Whaling Plans

Asian countries and conservationists have slammed South Korea's plans to start whaling by using a loophole that allows the killing of whales for scientific research.

South Korea announced its plans at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Panama on July 4.

Critics say the move is modeled on Japan's controversial "scientific whaling" expeditions launched following a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling.

Conservationists insist the research benefits are negligible and the meat from whales killed in Japanese hunts is sold for food.

The governments of Australia and New Zealand have vowed to fight Seoul's proposal.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP
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by: Mr Bean from: Canada
July 05, 2012 13:11
My sympathy has always been with South Korea, as a country that has been persecuted. They are showing what they really are, by considering such an action. Knowing full well what the countries, that have supported them, protected them for many years, think about the killing of whales.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 05, 2012 19:26
While South Korea is killing the whales, Comerade King Jing II is launching and testing :)))

by: William from: Aragon
July 06, 2012 01:05
This creature is recognised as being highly intelligent and highly social, and yet some un-enlightened countries allow it to be hunted for food. What can the rest of us do? In response, do your best not to buy products made in these countries.

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