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Syria Bomb Blasts Kill Five

Activists say an explosion in a car wash in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo has killed at least five people.

In Damascus, at least one bomb exploded on central Thawra Street, destroying nine cars, but causing no injuries.

The blasts come as 50 out of a planned total of 300 United Nations observers are now in Syria to monitor the shaky cease-fire declared on April 12.

The presence of the monitors has not halted daily violence that the UN says has killed more than 9,000 people since protests against the Syrian regime began 14 months ago.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AP
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by: Jack from: US
May 05, 2012 13:25
US-supported "activists" are resorting to car bombings. Did CIA already provided them with booby-trapped kids toys? Like CIA provided to Taliban (mujahadeen) in Afghanistan in 80-ies

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
May 05, 2012 18:50
Hey, ELI, when are you guys finally going to remove Assad :-)? I hope you do not think that he will get excessively impressed by the car-bomb tactics employed by the "unarmed civilians" whose "sad fate" concerned you so much a couple of months ago. At any rate, it increasingly looks like Assad - supported by Putin, Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao - is going to stay where he is until he reaches the age of 80 or 85. Which suggests that your Washington bosses have ONCE AGAIN failed to achieve a damn thing. Congratulations, ELI :-)!

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