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Turkish Warplanes Strike Kurdish Rebels In Iraq

Turkey's military says Turkish warplanes have carried out air strikes on suspected Kurdish rebel hideouts in northern Iraq.

The army's general staff said on its website that the air strikes had hit "nine targets" belonging to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

It said the raids began on June 22.

The raids are the second Turkish air campaign against rebel hideouts in northern Iran within a week following the killing of eight Turkish soldiers along the border with Iraq on June 19.

The military said more than 30 rebels have been killed following the June 19 attack.

Kurdish rebels have used northern Iraq as a springboard for attacks on Turkish targets in their decades-long fight for automony in Turkey's Kurdish-majority southeast.

The conflict has claimed the lives of some 45,000 people since 1984.

Based on reporting by AFP, AP, and Reuters
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by: Jack from: US
June 24, 2012 14:43
Kurdish people are fighting for their freedom against centuries-old Turkish oppression. US government supports Sunni Turk tyranny and murderous Turkish regime which killed hundreds of thousand Kurdish civilians. Turks banned Kurdish language. But US government and its minion Turkey are going to lose. Kurds will eventually gain freedom and independence from Turk.
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by: Rick from: US
June 25, 2012 05:38
Jack, Kurdish people have freedom in Turkey. They have freedom to speak their own languges and they are able to do what every other people can do in Turkey. What is if Spanish speaking people ask for independence from US? Thats the same.
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by: Jack from: US
June 25, 2012 14:36
You are wrong Rick. Kurds do not have rights to teach their own language in schools in Turkey, they do not have rights to have TV and radio programs in their own language. Just speaking Kurdish language in Istanbul can get you arrested by Turks. Comparing Kurdish issue with Spanish-speaking people in US is absurd. Latinos have their own country - Mexico, and even more, they have many Spanish-speaking countries, from Spain to Argentina. Kurds are denied the rights to have their own country. Turks occupied their land of Kurdistan and robbed Kurds of everything. US government supports Turkish oppression of Kurdish population, because it considers Turkey a faithful NATO minion.
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by: Punk
June 25, 2012 15:49
Jak is either totally ignorant of the situation in Turkey or is deliberately misleading others. Kurdish language is taught in state and private universities and in private courses. They can and do have their TV and radio programming, including an entire state funded channel - TRT 6, which broadcast in Kurdish. Speaking Kurdish will not get you into trouble anywhere, in Istanbul the Kurdish party actually campaigns in Kurdish. On the other hand, speaking Turkish in some parts of Turkey would actually get you into trouble.

About the second part, IF as you claim Kurds have the right to independence from Turkey then the Spanish speaking people in US have even more right, as their situation is not better than in Turkey. Besides, this has nothing to do with there being other Spanish speaking countries, first of all by saying that Jak contradicts himself, if there was no need for more Spanish countries if there were already some, then why do we have this many? If we have this many then why can't we have one more? As you see that argument does not hold. Or why would U.S. recognize Kosovo independence when there already is an Albanian state? Or, how about Native peoples in U.S.? unlike the Spanish they have no state, do they have a right to declare independence or carry our attacks against American military?
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by: GeneralSherman from: US
June 28, 2012 02:54
Jack, why don't you tell us your real name? It's clearly not "Jack". Which US state are you deriving welfare from? The kurds already have freedom. There is no Turkish "oppression". The US government doesn't support jack. Turkiye isn't even given approval to carry out operations in Northern Iraq that were critical in destroying the PKK in the late 90's. Their is no "regime" in Turkiye. It is a secular democracy, something the kurds with their inferior genetics and backward brains couldn't make in a million years. There is no Turk "tyranny". The kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims too, you idiot. LOL, Turkiye hasn't killed "hundreds of thousands of kurdish civilians". All the kurds sent to hell by Turkiye were PKK terrorists (30,000 of them) with 40,000 kurdish civilians killed by the PKK for refusing to support the PKK. Turkiye didn't ban anything. By that logic all foreigin languages are "banned'. The reality is that taxpayer-funded public institutions are required to use Turkish language as it should be as it is in every country in the world. Turkiye will not be the one exception to this in the world. Stop grouping us with the US. They have been very unhelpful and they and the kurdish terrorist group in Northern Iraq are helping the PKK terrorists by giving them shelter. "going to lose"? LOL, how is that? More than 30,000 PKK terrorists have been sent to hell, tens of thousands more have been captured, and more than 40,000 kurds have been murdered by the PKK? Do you know what Turkish casualties are in all of this? Less than 5,000. Kurds are already have freedom (more than they do in any country in the world and too much of it in fact) and they will not get "independence" because they have no right to it. The "kurdish" ethnic group and kurdish nationalism are the inventions of 19th century european imperialists. Read christopher dickey's "Don't Redraw Middle East Map". The "kurds" in Turkiye, iraq, syria, and iran are all genetically dissimiliar and liguistically incoherent. The reality is that they are iranic offshouts from india who have always lived on other people's land. Even then the kurds in northen iraq have haplogroup J in frequencies of higher than 40 % making them more Arab than some Arabs. The kurds in Turkiye didn't even inhabit Eastern Anatolia until the Ottoman sultan defeated the Persian shah and gave a large amount of land to a kurdish servant of his. Historically, the "kurds" defined their allegiance by tribe, faith, or the nation to which they were stealing the culture from. Even kurdish nationalists admit that one-hundred years ago "kurdish" was mostly Turkish, Persian, and Arabic.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
June 25, 2012 15:12
As you know my dears, on the orders of Putin was occupied Georgian territory- Abkhazia, the local Georgian population wiped out and there were settled аpsua (abkhaz) wild primitive tribes to their homes.
Putin then recognized abkhaz bandits, and said that it is an independent racist apartheid formation...
Of course the Kurds also want their own state...and is seen that there are options...
In Iraq, there is a territory which is mostly inhabited by Kurds.Therefore, the world's leaders and the UN must recognize this part of Iraq as independent Kurdish state.
Thus, all questions are removed--the fighting stops in Turkey and all interested persons are well...

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