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U.S. Says Bulgaria Attack 'Bears Hallmarks' Of Hizballah

An Israeli wounded during the attack.An Israeli wounded during the attack.
An Israeli wounded during the attack.
An Israeli wounded during the attack.
The Pentagon says an attack this week on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria "bears some of the hallmarks of Hizballah."

Pentagon spokesman George Little made the comment after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier blamed Iran and the Lebanese militant group for the July 18 suicide bombing, which killed five Israeli tourists.

Tehran and Hizballah deny any connection.

The attack at Burgas airport also killed the Bulgarian bus driver and the bomber and injured more than 30.

Bulgarian authorities on July 20 said the suicide bomber was a foreign citizen.

Also on July 20, the five victims, who were returned to Israel by military transport overnight, were buried.

U.S. President Barack Obama called Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, and condemned "the barbaric attack."

The FBI is assisting Bulgarian authorities in the investigation.

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by: norm from: philademphia pa
July 21, 2012 10:19
These terrorists groups who kill innocent people await a horrific penalty when they face their judgment day. They will join the genocidal maniacs in what is known in Hebrew as Genehem or better known as the fiery furnaces of hell !
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by: Anonymous
July 21, 2012 18:26
I'm not sure whether it's just a typo or whether you don't know: the word you are referring to is "gehenom" "גיהנום" in Hebrew, in Arabic "jahanam" "جُهَنَّم", in English it means "hell".
by the way, no one knows the perpetrators and of course, killing innocent people is shameful and amounts to "sin" in many religions.
yet, what do you know about judgement day?

by: Ralph Filicchia from: Watertown MA
July 21, 2012 16:57
I don't believe for a minute that Iran had anything to do with this action. The guy apparently was white with US documents (license) on him and blond hair. Israel has been blaming everything on Iran in order to con the USA into another Mideast war on their behalf.
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by: Victor Magilke from: USA
July 23, 2012 06:36
You Sir, are correct. Israel continues to spread mendacious propaganda to start more wars. We are still looking for the weapons of mass destruction that they said Iraq had. They are warmongers who will never be satisfied until they are the only nation in the middle east with weapons so they can terrorize the entire region with no opposition. They are a vile vicious cruel people with no compassion for any human life other than Jews.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
July 22, 2012 08:56
Dear Konstantin, given that there is again some talk about Hezbollah, I expect to see on this discussion-forum your usual joke concerning the leader of this organization Nasrallah. And it goes without saying that - in order to make the joke really funny - you will absolutely need to use my name to publish it under. Thank you for that as usual!
In other news, Konstantin, starting from tomorrow (Monday) I am ON VACATION for 3 WEEKS. So, I really count on your help: please do continue publishing your comments under my name. Please do continue condemning the US imperialism and US-Saudi-financed terrorists in Syria. Please do continue reminding those coming from NATO countries that they are on the verge of a bankruptcy. And please do continue praising the Comrade Kim Jong-Un for his effort to further develop the ballistic capacity of the DPRK armed forces: after all, someone has to solve the problem of the division of the Korean peninsula one way or the other :-)).
If you do all that DAILY for the next three weeks, Konstantin, I will then channel 1/3 of what I get paid by Putin, Ahmadinejad, Bashar and Chávez to your bank account in LA - make sure you do not forget to communicate your bank number to me via this discussion forum :-).
Otherwise, have a nice Summer everybody, you'll hear from me in about a month!
Kisses and hugs from Vienna!
Sincerely yours, Eugenio
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
July 22, 2012 11:26
Unlike you, I never use any different name than my own,
thought I have used few of them, including Beridze, Crossbearershvili and Argvetiaber - they all mine!
You can read my posts and comments since year 2000
on number of Forums, including those your Russia destroyed in Georgia, and leters to UN and other entities and governments since about 1980, changing the World for the better, but making aggressors and repopulators angree.

I am neither "red spy" not "white spy" - I am a civilian and stand for truth and justice, specially because I, my mother, relatives and our nationals were killed by your Russia, or lied too nazis in the West to kill us here.

Russian and USA agencies know all of that and murdering me and my mother only in US since 1980 - being instigated by your kind liers, or type of "Podvig Razvedchika Kadochnikovs" type Russian pogromers.

I never "condemned American and Saudi Imperializm", or "reminding NATO bancrupcy", I never supported Kim's "ballistic capacity" and I do not want 1/3 of anything your payed for lying, Eugenio.

You must, thought, pay your shear for funeral expenses, mental suffering and death of my mother that was murdered by your Russia with help of CIA through inbedded liers like you that tried pin on me "Anti-american activety", probably by incinuations of you and your partners.

Partners like Ivan and Van'ka Fritc that stole from me in
1960-th "logic arrays" and patented it in USA.
Instead of returning my poriorities and royalties, you all forced me to USA, forced to apartment next to Van'ka Fritc family and murdering me and my mother.
All of those that proffitted from my inventions and ideas must return my recognition and royalties.
That is the real reason for murdering my mother and me.
Only mad dog would believe you killing me and killed my mother just because in my thousands of just and ballanced comments one might find a rude joke, under influence of your hypnotists from Russia, and the West (they learn from each other evil tricks).
Even if they would believe your gang's rediculous incinuations about me - you killed for my royalties and priorities your gang expropriated from me.
The main nurse-executioner (I think name malwill or so) said before they finished murdering my mother that It is their "revenues" now and they murdering us for it!

(Like joke about Hisballa that I might use - under my real name.
I am not a shape-shifter "oboroten' Kadochnikov", or you.)

My mother is dead, 7/7/2012 - killed by Russia and CIA, instigated by your gang's lies - a shaved-head swine in the hospital instigated CIA assassins, accusing me exactly in the crap that you wrote above, I never wrote, as "anti-American activety"!
Did you masterminded this lies and our murder Eugenio?
Your kisses and hugs are deadly!
My murdered mother is cold in her grave.

by: Victor Magilke from: USA
July 23, 2012 19:51
I wasn't going to respond to this Israeli rubbish but I felt compelled to.
This is more Benjamin Netanyahu's mendacious propaganda like Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. For fifteen years Israel has claimed that Iran would have a nuclear weapon before the end of the year. Fifteen years later, they still don't have one. . This is the fourth time Israel attacked Lebanon without provocation. They attacked them in in 1978, twice in 1982 and again in 2006. In 2006 Israel attacked Lebanon with the most sophisticated weapons known to mankind. They destroyed Lebanon's entire infrastructure. Their hi- ways, their bridges and their airports. After days of bombing Lebanon the Israeli savages invaded them with tanks and troops. In a few days Hezbollah repelled the savage murderers and sent the Israeli cowards home with their tails between their legs. Arm both countries equally and lets see how mighty the Israeli bullies are.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon were forced to resign for the massacre in Lebanon of over 18 thousand innocent women and children. Menachem Begin, pointed the finger at Sharon, Sharon blamed Netanyahu and Netanyahu blamed Begin. Nothing was done to these war criminals. Do we want to allow another slaughter like this to happen again? I don't.
Lebanon is a peaceful nation where Christians and Muslims worship side by side without any violence. There is a Catholic Shrine to the Virgin Mary about a stones throw from a Muslim place of worship where they, Muslims and Catholics, all worship together without any problems. In Israel the Catholic clergy are forced to have paid guards to protect them from the Israelis that curse them, throw stones at them and spit on them. Who are the real warmongers and savages?
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by: Jack from: US
July 23, 2012 21:11
Wahhabi Sunni act as a proxy and slaves for US government, and US government is a slave to Israeli government. Israel ordered US government to arm Sunni militants and incite them to violence in Syria so that US and NATO minions will be drawn into the war on Israel behalf

by: American Troll
July 26, 2012 10:33
This one's easy. Just change every written instance of "Hizballah" to "Hizb ut-Tahrir" whenever Russians are around, then sit back and watch Russia demand foreign intervention.

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