Friday, July 03, 2015

  • Video Death Toll Rises In Pakistani Train Crash

    Pakistan's military said on July 3 the death toll from a suspicious train accident in the eastern Punjab Province has risen to 17.

  • Nearly 5,000 Russians migrated to Israel in 2014

    Jews Are Fleeing Russia Because Of Putin

    Israel is seeing the biggest influx of Russian immigrants since the 1990s. Most of them are educated Muscovites bitterly disillusioned with their country's leadership.

  • A poster of former warlord Abdul Ali Mazari hangs along a street in Mazar-e Sharif in June 2015.

    Audio Slide Show Afghanistan's Exposed North

    The Afghan government has turned to a risky war strategy to tackle the Taliban in the country's north -- teaming up two rival former warlords with a history of animosity toward each other.

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Armenian Police Withdraw Water Cannon From Protest Campi
July 02, 2015
Armenian police announced they had withdrawn water cannon from the protest camp in central Yerevan on July 2, where only a small number of protestors remain.

Video Armenian Police Withdraw Water Cannon From Protest Camp

Armenian police announced they had withdrawn water cannon from the protest camp in central Yerevan on July 2, where only a small number of protestors remain.

Video Moldovans Dump Shoes In Protest At Central Bank

Protestors dumped old shoes outside the central bank as they called on its governor to resign after what they called "the theft of the century."

Video Heatwave Boosts Ice Price In Pakistan

Ice dealers are making a tidy profit in Pakistan, where a heatwave, Ramadan fasting, and electricity outages have combined to cause a surge in demand.

Video Iraqi Turkomans Prepare To Fight Islamic State Militants

Ethnic Turkomans in the Kirkuk region of Iraq have responded to a call to arms issued by a Shi’ite cleric to fight against Islamic State militants.

Video Armenian Protestors Vow To Continue As Crowds Dwindle

Protestors in Yerevan chose a new leadership and vowed to continue their blockade of a central boulevard until the Armenian government reverses an electricity price hike. The number of people at the protests has fallen significantly since its peak in late June.

Video Suicide Bombing Strikes NATO Convoy In Kabul

A Taliban suicide bomber targeted a NATO convoy in Kabul on June 30, killing at least one civilian and wounding many others. The attack came just hours before another suicide bombing that targeted a police headquarters in Helmand Province.

Video Yerevan Protest Continues

Armenian protesters stayed for another night and day on central Yerevan's Baghramian Avenue in spite of a deal offered by the president to mitigate rising electricity prices. Some activists have left the site of the mass demonstrations, but others have vowed to remain until their demands are met.

Video Kyrgyz Rally For Dismissed Judge

Supporters of a judge who was dismissed for criticizing lawmakers rallied on June 30 in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, accusing members of parliament of interfering in the judicial system.

Video Pakistanis Seek Relief As Heat Wave Continues

A brutal heat wave in Pakistan is continuing to disrupt the holy month of Ramadan, when many people refrain from eating and drinking during the daytime. In Peshawar, locals were able to escape the heat, but in the worst-affected city, Karachi, the death toll continued to rise.

Video Abdullah Says Islamic State Militants Active In Afghanistan

Afghanistan's chief executive Abdullah Abdullah told ministers on June 29 that Islamic State militants are a threat to Afghan civilians and security forces. He accused the country's previous administration of creating the instability that allowed the extremist group to gain power.

Video Georgia Mulls New Site For Devastated Tbilisi Zoo

Officials in Georgia are considering moving Tbilisi zoo to a new location, after it was devastated by floods on June 13. Around half the zoo's animals died in the disaster.

Video Bosnian Former Prisoners Of War Demand Official Recognition

Bosnian wartime camp inmates marked International Day in Support of Victims of Torture with a protest in Sarajevo on June 26. They said that the government of Bosnia-Herzegovina has still not given them official recognition two decades after the end of the conflict.

Video Ukrainian Police, Guardsmen Hold Defense Exercises

Ukrainian police and a National Guard unit practiced defending territory from a potential attack in the city of Dobropillya, near rebel-held territory in Donbas. Members of the Azov Regiment, formerly a volunteer militia, took part in the drills.

Video Moldovans Demand Probe Into 'Crime Of The Century'

Protesters gathered in Chisinau on June 25 to demand a full investigation into the disappearance of $1 billion from three banks late last year. The demonstrators say officials have done little to pursue the perpetrators.


Video Czech Leader: Maintain Sanctions On Russia, But Work With Moscow On Terrorism

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka told RFE/RL that sanctions on Russia, due to its actions in Ukraine, should be maintained until the Minsk cease-fire agreements are fully implemented. However, Sobotka also said it was important to work with Russia against Islamic State militants.

Video Kadyrov Fumes As Sanctions Hit Horses

Chechen leader Ramzam Kadyrov has been left fuming by the impact of Western sanctions on one of his favorite hobbies – his stable of racehorses.

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