Monday, August 03, 2015

  • Ukraine's former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov adjusts his glasses as he attends a news conference in Moscow on August 3.

    Ex Ukraine PM Forms 'Salvation Committee'

    Ousted Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has announced the formation of a "Ukraine Salvation Committee," calling for "total regime change" through early elections and vowing to "restore order in our home."

  • Al-Qaeda militants warned potential recruits not to be swayed by Islamic State's slick propaganda.

    Al-Qaeda Slams Islamic State For Being A Con

    Daghestani militants from Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate have accused the Islamic State (IS) group of conning new recruits with misleading hype and spin.

  • Crimea: 'Cheap, Beautiful, And Ours'

    Russian tourists are being enticed to vacation in Crimea by ads that portray the annexed peninsula as the ultimate holiday destination. The truth is a little more unsettling.


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Azerbaijani Dissident Gets First Aid During Triali
August 03, 2015
The trial of two prominent Azerbaijani dissidents was adjourned until the following day, after an ambulance was called to provide medical attention to Arif Yunus.

Video Azerbaijani Dissident Gets First Aid During Trial

The trial of two prominent Azerbaijani dissidents was adjourned until the following day, after an ambulance was called to provide medical attention to Arif Yunus.

Video Hundreds More Evacuated In Pakistan Floods

Evacuated villagers packed up their goods and salvaged what they could from soaked fields, as torrential flooding continued to ravage northwest Pakistan.

Video Mariupol Residents Protest Demilitarization Talks

Protestors gathered in Mariupol amid fears that Ukraine would be lowering its military guard over the city if agreement is reached at a new round of cease-fire talks.

Video Kazakhstan Misses Out On Winter Olympics

Hundreds of campaign organizers and volunteers gathered in central Almaty to see if they had won the 2022 Winter Games... only to be disappointed.

Video Pakistanis Mourn Mullah Omar

Around a thousand people took part in funeral prayers in Peshawar, after the announcement of the death of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Video Hundreds Of Sheep Die Mysteriously In Kazakhstan

Kazakh authorities are unable to explain the sudden death of around 1,000 sheep in a single district.

Video Demolition Starts At Islamabad Shanty Town

Bulldozers began demolishing a shanty town in Islamabad that Pakistani authorities say is a base for Islamic militants. Police used tear gas and a water cannon on July 30 to force out residents, most of whom are Afghan refugees and internally displaced people from volatile areas of Pakistan.

Video Sarajevo Workers Protest Labor Bill

Hundreds of angry workers rallied in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina to protest a bill that would make it easier for employers to fire staff. Authorities say the new law is necessary if the country ever wants to join the European Union.

Video Armenian Activists Face Off With Police In Yerevan

Protesters in Armenia say that 1,000 police have been deployed to stop just a handful of activists from demonstrating in the city center. The protesters are part of a reduced but committed group that has vowed to continue last month's demonstrations against electricity price hikes.

Video "Same Language, Same Country, We Are All Romanians"

Young Moldovans protested in front of the parliament building to demand that the country's constitution be changed to identify the state language as Romanian, rather than Moldovan. The question of whether Moldovan and Romanian are distinct languages is a divisive issue in the country.

Video Car Bombing Targets Police Vehicle, Two Civilians Killed

Two people died and at least 11 were wounded when a car bomb blew up in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on July 29. The bombing was apparently targeting police officers, who escaped unharmed.

Video Ukraine Commemorates 1,000-Year Legacy Of Christianity

Orthodox Christians in Kyiv attended a church service marking 1,000 years since the death of Prince Volodymyr the Great, who brought Christianity to the Slavs of Kyivan Rus. President Petro Poroshenko and members of parliament were among the visitors to the cathedral on July 28.

Video Afghans Cheer Cricket Team's Qualifier Victory

Cheering fans greeted members of Afghanistan's national cricket team as they returned to Kabul on July 28 after qualifying for the World Twenty20 tournament to be held next year. The Afghan team is a growing force in international competitions and has a devoted following at home.

Video Pakistan Gives Refugees Two-Day Warning Before Home Demolition

Residents of a mud shantytown in Islamabad have received orders to leave their homes before their neighborhood is destroyed. The inhabitants, mostly Afghan refugees and displaced Pakistanis, say authorities believe the district is a hotbed of militancy.

Video A 400-Year-Old Diving Tradition In Mostar

Fifty divers jumped from the Stari Most, or Old Bridge, in the Bosnian town of Mostar in a competition that dates back to the 16th century. The ancient bridge was destroyed in the Bosnian war of the 1990s, but since its reconstruction, it has again become a jumping-off point for fearless divers.

Video Journalists Barred From Trial Of Azerbaijani Rights Activists

As the trial of two human rights defenders, Leyla and Arif Yunus, began in Baku, most journalists and representatives of diplomatic missions were barred from entering the courtroom, where only pro-government reporters were admitted.

Video Continuing Floods Block Transit In Pakistan

Drivers in Pakistan's Balochistan Province were mired in the mud along swollen riverbeds as heavy rains showed no signs of subsiding. Dozens have died as the flooding has washed out bridges, farmland, and homes.

Video Russian Ultranationalist Leader Sentenced To Life In Prison

A Moscow court sentenced Ilya Goryachev to life in prison on July 24 for organizing several high-profile murders. Goryachev, the leader of the ultranationalist group Russian Image, had also been found guilty of establishing and organizing an extremist organization.

Video World War II Monument Defaced In Belgrade

Graffiti taggers sprayed swastikas and nationalist symbols on a monument in the Serbian capital dedicated to some 80,000 victims of the Nazi-backed regime during World War II. City employees quickly removed the graffiti on July 24.

Video Activists Barred From Baku Courtroom As Ismayilova's Trial Begins

Supporters of journalist Khadija Ismayilova chanted her name outside a courtroom in the Azerbaijani capital on the first day of her trial on charges including embezzlement and tax evasion. International rights groups have condemned Ismayilova's detention as retaliation for her reporting.

Video Hundreds Evacuated In Kazakh Mudslide

Kazakhstan's second city, Almaty, has been hit by a devastating mudslide following days of intense heat and flooding.

Video Northwest Pakistan Hit By Floods

A week of heavy rain has caused floods in parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkwa Province, with the capital Peshawar the latest area to be hit.

Video Precious Art Donated By Billionaire Ex-Premier Displayed In Tbilisi

A work by one of Georgia's most beloved artists, Niko Pirosmani, has returned to the National Gallery after more than a century. The painting was bought at auction for $1.5 million and donated by former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Video Bosnian Leaders Visit Serbia To Mend Strained Ties

The members of Bosnia's tripartite presidency arrived in Belgrade on July 22 at the invitation of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. The visit was seen as a goodwill gesture after angry crowds drove Vucic from a memorial ceremony in Bosnia earlier this month.


Photogallery Wildfires Sweep Through Russia's Baikal Region

Forest fires are raging in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, on the islands and shores of Lake Baikal. Volunteer firefighters are trying hard to stop the damage, but high winds are working against them. An area as large as 100,000 acres is thought to be affected. (Photos by Petr Shelomovskiy, RFE/RL's Current Time TV)

Video Bull-Running In Pakistan

In rural northwest Pakistan, the ancient Pashtun tradition of bull-running is still going strong. Blindfolded bulls have eight minutes to race around in a circle, powering a water pump as they go.

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