Monday, August 29, 2016

Harry Tamrazian

Service Director
Armenian Service
Prague, Czech Republic


Phone: +420 221 122 435

Languages: English, Russian, Armenian

Expertise: Armenian Service

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Harry Tamrazian is Director of RFE/RL’s Armenian Broadcast Service. He previously served as editor-in-chief of the service from RFE/RL’s former headquarters in Munich, Germany. During his journalistic career, Harry has covered major international events, most notably the 1992 United Nations (UN) session during which the former Soviet Union countries became UN members and the U.S.-mediated most talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. His reports on the latter were published in leading Armenian and South Caucasus regional newspapers and the Miami Herald. 

PhD in History and Economics, Armenian Academy of Science; MA in Political Science and Economics, Yerevan State University

Harry’s work has appeared in Asia Times, Times of Central Asia, Eurasia Insight, the Council on Foreign Relations in the leading Armenian news magazine “Armenianow” and New York based “Armenian Reporter”. He has appeared on CNN, providing analysis on the Armenian political crisis, as well as having been interviewed by Al Jazeera on Turkish-Armenian relations.

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