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Future of US international broadcasting

Isaacson at RFE 60th reception at the Newseum

Video Walter Isaacson: America's Voice Must Be Credible And Must Be Heard

BBG Chairman outlines the future direction for U.S. international broadcasting during RFE's 60th anniversary celebration in Washington, DC. More

Photogallery - RFE's 60th Anniversary Celebration in Washington DC

RFE's 60th anniversary celebration at the Newseum in Washington DC, September 28th.

RFE's 60th anniversary celebration at the Newseum in Washington DC, September 28th.

Press Release

Germany -- A broadcast from the first Radio Free Europe studio in Munich. RFE began broadcasting from Munich in May 1951.

RFE/RL Marks 60 Years Of Fighting For Freedom

60 years after its first broadcast to Czechoslovakia, RFE remains a lifeline for people living in war zones and under authoritarian rule who seek accurate and reliable news and information. More

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Last summer, RFE/RL's client software was critical in enabling Iranians to access Twitter and other sites.

RFE/RL At 60: From Balloon Drops To Web Proxies

Sixty years ago, Radio Free Europe (RFE) took to dropping balloons into Communist-occupied Eastern Europe as one of its many creative ways of dodging the censors. These days, RFE/RL's methods of penetrating closed societies feature more high-tech tools as authoritarian regimes do their best to prevent citizens from receiving news and information from the outside world. More

RFE's History in Photos


Video Radio Free Europe At 60

On July 4, 1950, RFE went on the air for the first time with a broadcast to communist Czechoslovakia from a studio in New York City. Sixty years later, RFE/RL reaches nearly 20 million people in 28 languages and 21 countries. Here's a look at our history.

Video RFE/RL's Bridge Program Introduces Mayors

The Balkan Service's “Bridge” program brought together the mayors of Belgrade and Sarajevo for the first time in 2010. The two men had never met and they spoke over the phone because this program connected them.

Welcome Message

"Our Mission Is As Important As Ever."
--RFE/RL President Jeffrey Gedmin

Sixty years ago, RFE launched its first broadcast from the Empire State Building with a pledge to deliver the news "in the American tradition of free speech." Six decades later, 20 million people in 21 countries - from Russia to the Middle East - still depend on RFE.
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