Thursday, April 24, 2014


Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir's fearless approach to his work has made him many friends -- and enemies.

Pakistani Journalist Caught In The Cross Fire

Hamid Mir's reputation as one of Pakistan's most revered -- and loathed -- journalists has come into focus amid a public debate over who riddled his body with bullets. More


Despite Iran's efforts to jam satellite channels and the crackdown on satellite dishes, many Iranians -- according to some estimates more than half -- watch foreign satellite TV channels.

Iranian Cleric Says Unhealthy Satellite Jamming Un-Islamic

Is satellite jamming permissible under Islamic law? Not if it poses a threat to human health, says a senior cleric. More

Farshid Manafi, moderator of "Pas Farda," Radio Farda's satire program.

Video 'Pas Farda' Laughs Out Loud In The Face Of Censorship

Radio satire show spoofs status quo in Iran, where 35 years after the Islamic Revolution, dissenting voices are scarce. More

"Aseman," a former weekly magazine, had been published in its current form for only six issues.

Reformist Iranian Daily Shut Down

A newly launched reformist Iranian daily has been suspended by the authorities over an article in which the Islamic law of retribution was described as inhumane. More


In Shift Toward Free Speech, Turkmens Voice Anger With Government

Video Turkmen Starting To Complain In Greater Numbers

Under Turkmenistan's notoriously repressive regime, those who publicly criticize the government have been known to end up in jail. But that hasn't stopped an increasing number of Turkmen from approaching RFE/RL Turkmen Service correspondents in recent months to voice their dissatisfaction with officials. Is it bravery, desperation, or a more tolerant atmosphere? More


Kazakh Editors Accuse Authorities Of Media Crackdown

Editors from two opposition newspapers in Kazakhstan that were recently shut down say authorities are closing periodicals because they "fear the truth." More


Uzbek authorities have been taking steps to ensure they keep a tight hold over all TV broadcasts. (file photo)

Uzbek Broadcasters Set To Self-Destruct

Uzbekistan's cabinet of ministers met on April 14 and sent out the word -- all the country's television and radio stations have to rig their facilities to be blown up. More


Rauf Mirqadirov in 2009

CPJ Condemns Azerbaijani Treason Charges Against Journalist

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has condemned authorities in Baku for charging a prominent journalist with high treason over allegations he spied for Azerbaijan’s rival, Armenia. More


RFE/RL Baghdad Bureau Chief Mohammed Bdaiwi Owaid Al-Shammari

RFE/RL Mourns Slain Baghdad Bureau Chief

Dr. Mohammed Bdaiwi Owaid Al-Shammari was shot and killed at a checkpoint near his office in a tragic incident. More

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