Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Ukraine -- Pro-ukrainian rally, Donetsk, 17Apr2014

Afghanistan's Ascendants, Balkans Hope, and Battleground Ukraine

RFE/RL's Weekly Rundown, a concise look at our top stories this week. More

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April 09, 2014

After The Election, What's Next For Afghanistan?

Afghans voted in presidential and provincial elections on April 5 that ended with a high turnout, no major Taliban attacks, and nothing but praise for the resilience of the country’s security forces. RFE/RL reports on what's next for Afghanistan.
April 04, 2014

Afghanistan Votes, Russia Spins, and Moldova Strategizes

A concise look at our top stories and events this week, and what's coming up next.
April 02, 2014

Afghanistan After Karzai

With just days to go before voters in Afghanistan head to the polls to elect a president, new violence has citizens and international observers concerned about the country's electoral process. RFE/RL's experts offer the latest on the April 5 elections.
March 28, 2014

Afghanistan's Elections, Brussels Takeaway, and Battleground Ukraine

The Afghanistan presidential election approaches, the EU helps its eastern neighbors, a Russian Service reporter describes what he saw in Crimea, continuing coverage of the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, and remembering a fallen colleague in Iraq. A look back at the past week at RFE/RL.
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