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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo Gallery Archive

  • A protester hands out copies of the movement's newsletter, "The Occupied Wall Street Journal," in New York City's Bryant Park.
  • A police officer rides alongside Occupy Wall Street protesters as they march from New York City's Bryant Park to Union Square.
  • An animal rights activist intercepted an OWS planning session and convinced them all to cheer for her cause.
  • Three OWS activists protest at New York City's Bryant Park. Many protesters wore masks from the movie "V For Vendetta," a dystopian thriller in which London is a police state.
  • An OWS protester shouted "Long live the People's Republic of China," while handing out a local daily Chinese newspaper and extolling the virtues of communism.
  • A protester stood on Bryant Park's fountain and shouted that both the Democratic and Republican parties are guilty of corruption and greed.
  • A protester carries an airplane from which hangs the OWS movement's agenda for May 1.
  • Protesters meditate in New York City's Bryant Park.
  • Activists discuss strategy.
  • An activist carries a sign warning that America is a sinking ship and calling on its citizens to "rise."
  • Three OWS activists make a papier-mache Statue of Liberty dance to music.

U.S. 'Occupy' Activists Hold May Day Demos

Published 2 May 2012

In New York City's Bryant Park, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) activists held what they called "creative disruptions against corporations” to celebrate the workers' rights movement and protest rising economic inequality as part of May Day festivities. May 1 -- also known as International Worker’s Day -- is a holiday in 80 countries but not in the United States. Members of the OWS movement held numerous demonstrations across the country. (Photos by RFE/RL's Courtney Brooks)

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May 02, 2012 16:49
Global Justice Now!

By: Alice Connally Fisk

Global justice billions crave

Revolution now the wave.

Fresh solutions far and wide

peace procurement now the tide.

On waves and tides of cosmic scale

we all together sink or sail.

Worldwide poverty must Go

a conscientious overthrow.

Resolution now the call

a living wage for one and all.

Earths long-time shafted people roar

We Just Won’t Take It Anymore.

The working poor, the down and out

a risen people packing clout.

Fairness movements lead the way

People power here to stay.

The middle-class profoundly score

inequity shall rule no more.

Righting long wrongs one by one

disparity at last undone.

The fed-up masses fiercely vow

Economic Justice. Now!

Futuristic lively blends

pilot the progressive trends.

Trust ones heart evolve transcend

the Wisdom Way to comprehend.

The Common Dream now full force

a visionary, gutsy course.

Spring stretches to the stratosphere

as worlds of crucial change appear.

Peaceful revolution, Yes!

the human race to coalesce.

One Creator over ALL.

One last chance to heed the Call

Love’s the lesson. Life the school.

Peace On Earth. The Golden Rule.

Live the Lesson. Heal our Earth.


Transformation now. Rebirth!

Spur the people stir the fire

Mobilize and walk the wire.

Back on track and off the dime

Revolution. One last time.

So amplify the drums and riff.


© 2012 Alice Connally Fisk

(Poem / lyrics written in 2012 by 73-year-old great-grandmother)