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Monday, August 29, 2016


  • Tiny Luxembourg comes in first place, consuming 136 kilograms of meat per person per year, followed closely by the United States with 123 kilos a year and Australia with 122.
  • Just for perspective, nutrition guidelines issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization suggest a minimum per-capita consumption of 7.3 kilograms a year.
  • Russia currently ranks 57th out of 177 countries, eating 60 kilograms of mainly pork and chicken per capita per year.
  • But with the exception of Kazakhstan, which ranks 49th, the meat-loving countries of Central Asia -- where no meal is complete without a generous serving of beef, mutton, lamb, or even horse -- may be surprised to find themselves far down on the list.
  • Turkmenistan is 90th on the list, with a recorded consumption of 41 kilograms of meat a year.
  • Turkmenistan is followed by Kyrgyzstan in 100th place with 34 kilos. Uzbekistan is in 119th place with 25 kilos. Tajikistan ranked among the 30 least carnivorous countries in the world, with just 12.33 kilos of meat eaten per person per year.
  • That may be in part due to the fact that many Central Asians are consuming home-grown animals rather than buying meat from butchers.
  • Mongolia, where diners can search in vain for a spot of vegetation on their dinner plates, ranked 48th with 68 kilos consumed per capita per year.
  • Meat-filled Kyrgyz pastries for sale in a bazaar in Osh
  • Horse meat for sale in Kyrgyzstan
  • A meat market in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • The legendary Kyrgyz meat-filled dumplings known as manty, served piping hot with a pot of black or green tea

World Meat-Eating Habits: Mutton To Sneeze At

Published 9 May 2012

Collectively, the world eats a lot of meat -- at least 268 million tons of beef, pork, mutton, and chicken a year. According to a new study by the Food and Agriculture Organization, developed Western nations still top the list of the world's most avid carnivores, despite rising concerns about obesity, cholesterol, and animal welfare.

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