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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


  • As the parade began, organizer Yelena Goltsman gathered the group and shouted, "Let's show 'em the Russian are coming! They're here!"
  • Someone in the crowd then called out, "And they're queer!"
  • A similar gay-pride parade was banned in Moscow in May after the mayor said it could spark civil unrest.
  • Since 2006, the annual gay-pride rallies in Moscow have been marred by arrests and violent clashes with police and antigay onlookers.
  • Marchers in New York tied white ribbons on each other's wrists, echoing ongoing Russian protests against government repression.
  • One of the participants does the limbo beneath a pink boa.

Russian-Speaking New Yorkers March For Gay Rights

Published 25 June 2012

A group of about 70 Russian-speaking Americans participated in New York's annual Gay Pride Parade on June 24. They were members of RUSA LGBT, a New York-based gay-rights organization for those of Russian descent. They said they were marching in an effort to raise awareness about new laws in Russia they say discriminate against gays, including a law in St. Petersburg that outlaws so-called "homosexual propaganda."

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