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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photo Gallery Archive

  • Men's 10,000-meter speed skater Ivan Skobrev of Russia celebrates his silver medal in Vancouver in 2010, one of just 14 medals brought home by the Russian team. Where the team reportedly did excel was in hosting wild parties.
  • Polish pole vaulter Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz makes an obscene gesture to the crowd, which was rooting for Soviet jumper Konstantin Volkov, after setting a world record in the pole-vault final in Moscow in 1980.
  • Australian swimmer Nick D'Arcy recently posted photos on Facebook showing himself brandishing a high-powered weapon. Australia's Olympic Committee said it would punish D'Arcy by making him return home as soon as he finished his races.
  • Fellow Australian swimmer Kenrick Monk also posted similar photos of himself on Facebook and received the same reprimand. Australian officials said the bad-boy image is not the role model such athletes should present.
  • The disguarded bronze medal of Ara Abrahamian of Sweden rests on the mat after it was refused during the awards ceremony following the men's Greco-Roman 84-kg wrestling category during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
  • Abrahamian's actions -- which he made to protest his loss to an Italian rival -- got him disqualified by the International Olympic Committee.
  • In Athens in 2004, Iranian judoist Arash Miresmaili went on an eating binge before his match and was disqualified for being overweight. He said it was in protest at being scheduled to fight a competitor from Israel, a state Iran does not recognize.
  • Soviet fencer Boris Onischenko puts on his socks after he was disqualified because he had manipulated his sword in the fencing event during the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976.

The Bad Boys (And Girls) Of The Olympics

Published 24 July 2012

The Olympics are supposed to be about winning and good sportsmanship. But things aren't always that clean cut. Here we look at some of the game's more notorious moments and figures.