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Monday, September 01, 2014

Photos Of The Week -- September 15-21

Published 22 September 2012

Protests sweep the Muslim world over a private U.S. film lampooning Islam and French cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, while Georgians take to the streets after videos of prison torture are broadcast.


Pakistani riot policeman fall back while faced by demonstrators attempting to reach the U.S. Embassy during a protest against an anti-Islam film in Islamabad on September 20. (AFP/Aamir Qureshi)


Pakistani lawyers enter the diplomatic enclave as they they attempt to reach the U.S. Embassy during a protest in Islamabad on September 19. (AFP/Aamir Qureshi)


Afghan policemen walk toward a crowd on Jalalabad Road during an anti-U.S. protest in Kabul on September 17. (AFP/Massoud Hossaini)


An Afghan protester shouts while holding a sign during a peaceful demonstration in Kabul on September 20. (Reuters/Mohammad Ismail)


Muslims pray in a mosque before a protest march against an anti-Islam film and cartoons published by a French magazine that denigrate the Prophet Muhammad in Novi Pazar, Serbia, on September 21. (Reuters/Marko Djurica)


Iranian women attend a demonstration against the publication by a French satirical weekly of a cartoon of a naked Prophet Muhammad outside French Embassy in Tehran on September 20. (AFP/Atta Kenare)


The feet of a Muslim are seen as he holds a U.S. flag during a protest in front of the National Mosque in Dhaka,Bangladesh, on September 21. (Reuters/Andrew Biraj)


Cossacks block the entrance as they protest in front of the Winzavod art gallery during the opening of the "Spiritual Abuse" painting exhibition by the artist Yevgenia Maltseva in Moscow. (AFP/Andrey Smirnov)


A Georgian woman holds a picture of her son, who she says became an invalid from injuries sustained while in prison, during a protest rally over videos of prison abuse in Tbilisi. (Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili)


Georgian students stand on a prison-transfer vehicle during a protest in Tbilisi. (Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili)


Climbers trek to the top of the 4446-meter-high Vladimir Putin Peak in Kyrgyzstan's Tian Shan Mountains. (AFP/Vyacheslav Oseledko)


A portrait of Mikhail Kalashnikov is seen on a screen near a display of his weapons during an exhibition at the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Reuters/Alexander Demianchuk)


A woman casts her ballot at a polling station during early parliamentary elections in the village of Kurkovo, Belarus, on September 17. (AFP/Viktor Drachev)


Afghanistan's Izatullah Dawlatzai, a substitute fielder, drops a catch from the bat of India's Suresh Raina during their ICC World Twenty20 match at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Reuters/Philip Brown)


A pigeon flies in front of a fountain during a sunny day in central Donetsk, Ukraine. (Reuters/Gleb Garanich)