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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Russia's Yandex Creates A Unique Work Environment

Published 25 January 2013

Yandex, the most popular search engine in Russia, has created an amazingly colorful, graphically dynamic office space for its headquarters in St. Petersburg. The striking concept for its new offices was designed by the architectural studio za bor architects. Yandex moved into its new offices in St. Petersburg's Benois center in 2012 from its old offices on the building's ground floor, which was also designed by za bor employees. Yandex decided to collaborate with za bor, whose 2008 design for Yandex won a number of awards, to build a new space twice as big, encompassing the entire fourth floor. The central hallway is almost 200 meters long and the offices occupy over 3,000 square meters. (14 PHOTOS)


Visitors to Yandex's offices in St. Petersburg are greeted by the search engine's trademark yellow color and "Search" button.


The offices feature the symbols and terms web users are used to seeing on Yandex.


Elements in the office are not just for show, but functional as well.


The spiral patterns appear to be decorative, but separate passageways from work spaces.


Bright colors are designed to cheer up employees and visitors alike.


Colorful shapes extend into three dimensions as well.