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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lenin’s Mausoleum Reopens To Visitors

Published 15 May 2013

The mausoleum holding the remains of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin reopened to visitors on May 15 after it was closed for renovation in December. Lenin's body stayed inside the tomb on Red Square while the repairs took place under the cover of a protective temporary "cupola." These archival photographs show some of the key moments in the mausoleum's history.


Mourners gather by the Kremlin walls for the funeral of Vladimir Lenin on January 27, 1924.


Pallbearers carry Lenin's casket.


Lines of workers wait during the state funeral for Lenin.


Lenin shortly after his death on January 21, 1924


Soviet dignitaries gather by a temporary wooden mausoleum in February 1924, which would be replaced by a permanent marble one in 1930.


Multiple rocket launchers roll through Red Square in June 1945, weeks after the end of World War II in Europe.


Honor guards stand at the mausoleum in June 1945.


The funeral of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin on March 6, 1953. Stalin's body was interred in the mausoleum until 1961, when it was moved to the Kremlin Wall necropolis.


After Stalin's body was removed from the Red Square mausoleum, the stone block with the inscription "Lenin-Stalin" was moved to the outskirts of Moscow.


Reconstruction work on the Lenin mausoleum in 1974


Visitors line up to visit the mausoleum in January 1984, 60 years after Lenin's death.


Lenin's embalmed body as it appeared in 1993.


Lenin's embalmed body on display in 1993.


The central control room of the mausoleum


The protective cupola covering the site of the reconstruction work in December 2012


Tourists wait to visit the newly reopened mausoleum on May 15, 2013.