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Monday, August 29, 2016

Gay-Pride March Held In Kyiv

Published 25 May 2013

Described as Ukraine's "first gay-pride event," dozens of activists defied a ban by local authorities to take part in a gay-rights parade in Kyiv on May 25. For about an hour, the participants held rainbow flags and banners amid a strong police presence. Ten people who tried to disrupt the march and tear up posters were detained. They were among some 100 activists who were protesting against the event. On May 23, a court in Kyiv upheld a request by city authorities to ban the march, saying it risked sparking violence. (11 PHOTOS)


Around 50 gay-rights activists took part in the march across Kyiv.


Activists carry placards saying "Lesbian and gay rights are human rights" during the gay-pride parade in the Ukrainian capital. 


The shadow of a gay-rights activist is seen behind a flag as she takes part in the march. 


A delgation from Munich, including the city's mayor, attended the march "as an act of solidarity." Their placard says "Munich greets Kyiv."


Orthodox Christian activists turned out to protest against the gay-pride parade. 


Orthodox believers carry a placard saying "Homosexuality destroys family values" during a counterdemonstration. 


An Orthodox adherent remonstrates with police as she and others protest against the gay-rights march. 


Ukrainian riot police detain an elderly Orthodox Christian activist as she protests against the gay-pride parade. 


Riot police arrest Orthodox Christian activists trying to prevent the march.