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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tatyana Samoilova Dies At 80

Published 5 May 2014

Tatyana Samoilova, the Soviet-era Russian film star best known for her roles in "The Cranes Are Flying" and "Anna Karenina," has died. The Russian Union of Cinematographers said Samoilova died overnight on May 5 in a Moscow hospital where she was being treated for heart problems. She had just turned 80. Samoilova shot to stardom with the leading role of Veronika in "The Cranes Are Flying," a tragic story of love cut short by the outbreak of World War II.The film was a huge success in the Soviet Union. It also won the Palme d'Or at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival, the first and only Russian film to win the prestigious award. Samoilova received a "Special Mention" at Cannes for her performance.


Tatyana Samoilova as Veronika in the film "The Cranes Are Flying," a tragic love story set in World War II, which turned the actress into a household name. 


French actress Madeleine Robinson (left) with Tatyana Samoilova at Cannes International Film Festival in 1959. 


Tatyana Samoilova pictured in Paris in 1961 with an Etoile de Cristal prize for best international actress, which she won for her role in "The Cranes Are Flying."  


Samoilova at an "Order of Victory" awards ceremony at the French Embassy in Moscow in 1960. 


Italian director Giuseppe De Santis talks to Tatyana Samoilova and Italian actor Rafael Pezu during the making of the film "They Go to the East" (1963).


Left to right: Tatyana Samoilova, Irina Sidlyarova, Lyudmila Shuvalova, and Lidiya Shuvalova in a scene from the ballet "Soldei In Black" based on music by Igor Stravinsky and staged at the Bolshoi Theater in 1966


Tatyana Samoilova (left) with Oleg Strizhenov in the film "The Mexican" (1972)


Tatyana Samoilova playing the title role in "Anna Karenina" (1967).


Tatyana Samoilova (left) with Nikolai Smirnov and Olga Prokhorova in a scene from the movie "No Way Out" based on the novel by Anatoly Kalinin and directed by Alexei Saltykov. (1974)


Tatyana Samoilova with fellow actor Aleksei Batalov during an award ceremony for the Juno International Prize for best loved films in Moscow on October 10, 1996. 


Tatyana Samoilova at the opening of the Moscow Premiere festival of Russian movies in August 2009.