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Monday, September 01, 2014

Sarajevo's Abandoned Olympic Sites

Published 6 February 2014

As Sochi takes the spotlight as the host of the Winter Olympics, the sporting infrastructure of a previous host city, Sarajevo, is slowly turning to rubble. Bosnia-Herzegovina's war of the early 1990s, followed by years of neglect, left Sarajevo's 1984 Olympic sites decaying and forgotten. (14 PHOTOS)


The podium where medals were awarded near the ski jump site on Mount Igman, near Sarajevo


The disused ski jump on Mount Igman


The judges' room at the ski jump site


The logo of the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo is seen on a tower near Zetra Hall.


Vucko, Sarajevo's Olympic mascot, whose name means "little wolf," skis on the outside of Zetra Hall.


A dog walks past the Olympic snowflake logo on the wall of the Kosevo Stadium, the venue of the opening ceremony in 1984.


An abandoned hotel in Sarajevo's Olympic Village


Ruins of a hotel in Sarajevo's Olympic Village


A painting of Vucko, the Olympic mascot, is seen at Zetra Hall, the onetime figure-skating venue.


The disused bobsled track on Mount Trebevic, near Sarajevo


Bushes have grown over stretches of the bobsled track on Mount Trebevic, near Sarajevo.


Graffiti covers the neglected track.


Another timeworn Olympic logo on a street in central Sarajevo


The Olympic Museum in Sarajevo