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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Commemorating Kyiv Victims In Prague

Published 24 April 2014

Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic and their Czech supporters have set up a symbolic graveyard to honor those who died in Euromaidan protests in Ukraine. On April 23, activists of the Dekomunizace civic association erected more than 100 wooden crosses and held a solemn ceremony for those killed since the Ukrainian unrest began in November.


One hundred and seven wooden crosses were erected in the mock graveyard, in Prague's Vrsovice neighborhood, to commemorate those activists that have died in the Ukrainian unrest.


A man pays his respects in front of one of the wooden crosses.


Former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg (far right) attended the ceremony, saying that while he supports "broad dialogue with the Russian Federation," there are also times when people must assert their positions and "defend freedom and defend democracy, not merely discuss it."


A woman looks at memorial cards on a wall near the symbolic graveyard identifying the Euromaidan dead.