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Australian Who Helped Poor Afghan Women Believed Kidnapped

Police said they are searching for an Australian aid worker believed to have been kidnapped in an eastern province of Afghanistan. More

The damaged Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz following an air strike in October 2015

U.S. Says Afghan Hospital Strike Not A War Crime

The U.S. military has disciplined 16 soldiers for a mistaken air strike on an Afghan hospital that killed 42 last November, but stopped short of labeling the incident a war crime in a full report issued by investigators April 29. More

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

Taliban Denies Peace Talks On Agenda

The Qatar-based political office of Afghanistan’s Taliban has rejected media reports that a Taliban delegation sent to Pakistan is exploring the possibility of joining peace talks with the Afghan government. More

Afghan President: Pakistan Should Fight Taliban, Not Bring Them To Talks

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has called on Pakistan to battle the Taliban rather than try to bring them into peace talks. More

Death Toll From Kabul Attack Rises To 64

The death toll from the April 19 Taliban attack in the Afghan capital has risen to 64 -- more than double the total previously estimated by officials. More

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Audio All Unquiet On The Tajik-Afghan Frontier

A murky security operation on Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan on March 5 brought attention briefly back to an area that for nearly 25 years has rarely seen an entire week pass without some sort of incident taking place. More

Audio The Winter Storms Of Northern Afghanistan

Winter had led to a lull in fighting in northern Afghanistan. But in recent weeks a renewal of hostilities has seen power lines coming from Central Asia cut and some amazing allegations from Afghan officials about militants in the north and their ability to sustain their efforts. More
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Life In Limbo For Afghan Migrants In Turkey

Blocked from Europe, and unwilling to return home, Afghan migrants in Turkey say life is passing them by.

Video Killing Of Afghan Girl Prompts Outrage In Iran

The horrific killing of a 6-year-old Afghan migrant girl outside Tehran has sparked unprecedented condemnation in Iran.

Afghan Lawmaker Appears To Threaten Female Journalist With Rape

An Afghan lawmaker appears to threaten his female interviewer with rape in a new documentary on the state of women's rights, and for that he is demanding an apology from whomever plotted against him by distributing the taped exchange.

Hard-Line Militant Group Wants 'Power-Sharing' With Kabul In Exchange For Peace

The Afghan government is hoping a negotiated peace settlement with a hard-line militant group can convince other insurgents to join the peace process.

Defaced Dostum Billboards Nearly Ruin New Year's In Mazar-e Sharif

When towering images of a powerful former Afghan warlord and high-ranking Kabul official were torn down in the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif, it came narrowly close to ruining Norouz.

Saudi Arabia's 'Islamic' Coalition: Spin Or Substance?

In December, Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a new military alliance of Islamic countries to fight terrorism. Months later, questions remain about the makeup and motives of the 34-country coalition.

Video European Dream Unfulfilled For Afghan 'Economic Migrants' 

Many Afghans who left home to pursue their dreams of a better life in the West have returned home, disillusioned with the lack of prospects they found in Europe.
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