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Red Cross Says Five Afghan Staff Freed

The International Red Cross says five of its workers who were abducted for a week in western Afghanistan have been freed after negotiations with the local militia fighters who kidnapped them. More

U.S. Urges Afghans To Rethink Reporter's Expulsion

Afghanistan's Attorney General's Office said on August 20 that Matthew Rosenberg had 24 hours to leave the country, accusing him of not cooperating with an investigation into his reporting for "The New York Times." More

UN Condemns Clash Between Afghan Candidate's Team, Electoral Workers

The United Nations’ Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has condemned a clash in Kabul between presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah’s campaign team and workers from Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission. More

NATO Soldier Stabbed In Kabul

A foreigner who was stabbed to death in Kabul on August 20 was a member of the NATO force in the country, according to NATO and Kabul police. More

Afghanistan Orders Reporter To Leave

A "New York Times" reporter has been given 24 hours to leave Afghanistan for not cooperating with an investigation, according to a statement from the attorney general's office. More

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Video More Warnings South Of The Afghan-Turkmen Border

The situation in Afghanistan's northern Jowzjan Province continues to deteriorate, with one official claiming an increasing number of ethnic Turkmen are taking up arms, fighting with and against the Taliban, and that the lack of any government force capable of maintaining order has led to the resurgence of local warlords. More

A Pipeline From A Land Of Water To A Land Of Oil

Iran is looking for more water and some Iranian officials believe the place to get it is from Tajikistan. The problem is how to get the water from Tajikistan's mountains to Iran, several hundred kilometers away. More
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'When Are You Going Back?' Afghanistan's Sikhs, Strangers In Their Own Land

The discovery of some three dozen Afghan Sikh migrants in a British-bound shipping container has put the spotlight on Afghanistan's tiny Sikh minority, who often feel alienated in their own country.

Photogallery Fire Sale At Kabul's Famous 'Obama Bazaar'

The "Obama Bazaar" in Kabul, named after U.S. President Barack Obama, thrived for years. But with the withdrawal of foreign combat troops it has fallen on hard times.

Photogallery Afghans Feel Bite Of Military Pullout

As the foreign military footprint shrinks in Afghanistan, the country's dependence on the war economy is evident.

Afghan Election Audit Marred By Disagreements, Delays

Just over a week into the audit of all the votes cast in Afghanistan's presidential election, the review has been marred by delays and disagreements.

Parliamentary System A Risky Solution For Afghanistan

Creating a parliamentary system might be a cure for what ails Afghan politics. But it also promises to be a protracted undertaking that is fraught with risks.

Abdullah Holds Powerful Cards In Afghan Election Crisis

There is no underestimating the anger that supporters of Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah feel over initial election results showing him way behind his rival. But how much power does he have to make trouble if the crisis continues?

Possible Scenarios In Afghanistan's Presidential Election

With the Afghan presidential election in a deadlock, there are a handful of scenarios that could play out in the coming days and weeks.

New Recording Alleges Order To Cover Up Afghan Election Fraud

Less than a week after a secretly recorded conversation led to the resignation of a top election official, presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah's campaign has released audio of a provincial governor purportedly ordering an Army officer to ignore vote fraud.
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