Monday, April 27, 2015

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Bomb Kills Five In Southern Afghanistan, Police Battle Taliban In North

Afghan authorities say five civilians were killed when a bomb exploded at a home in Zabul Province during the night. More

Police Chief Killed In Southern Afghanistan

An Afghan official says a gunman shot and killed an acting police chief and a civilian in southern Uruzgan Province. More

Mortar Kills 5 Afghan Family Members

Five members of an Afghan family have been killed by a mortar shell that hit their house in eastern Afghanistan. More

Ghani Orders Police Corruption Probe

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate why a United Nations-funded report on corruption in the police force was apparently ignored. More

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Obama: Western Hostages Killed

The White House says two Western hostages were killed in a U.S. antiterrorist operation near the Afghan-Pakistani border in January. More

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Increasing Number Of Afghans, Pakistanis Killed In Syria Buried In Iran

An increasing number of Afghans and Pakistanis killed in the fighting in Syria have been buried in Iran in recent months, apparently while fighting with units organized by Iran. More

'The Land Is Hard, The Sky Is Far': Afghan Turkmen In Dire Straits

The situation for ethnic Turkmen in northern Afghanistan's northwestern Baghdis Province is dire. They have already started to bury their dead. More
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The Secret Life Of Mullah Omar Revealed

In a surprise move, the Taliban has published a richly detailed biography of its reclusive leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, even describing his personal and family life.

Farkhunda's Lynching Hits Nerve In Afghanistan

The lynching of an innocent young woman in front of a Kabul shrine has cast unprecedented attention on women's rights in Afghanistan.

U.S. Reassesses Central Asia Strategy

The State Department says it has completed a review of U.S. policy toward Central Asia at a time of economic and political uncertainty in the region.

Haunted By The Bamiyan Buddhas

For two farmers forced to take part in the Taliban-orchestrated demolition of the ancient Bamiyan Buddhas, the missing statues stand as a monument to their remorse.

Flocking Home Amid Claims Of Intimidation, Harassment

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees have returned home from Pakistan in recent months, but it is far from a storybook ending. Many say they were harassed and intimidated into leaving and say conditions are not right for their return to Afghanistan.

Video Afghanistan Celebrates Historic Cricket Win

Afghans are whooping it up after their team's first-ever win in the Cricket World Cup against Scotland.
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