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Four Afghan Police Reported Killed In Checkpoint Attack

Authorities say four police officers have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar. More

Afghan Election Commission workers gather election information from across the country at a counting center in Kabul on April 8.

Afghan Election Officials Delay Results

Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced it will delay the announcement of full results of the country's presidential election until April 26. More

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Afghan Ex-Commander Shot Dead

A former mujahedin commander from the days of the Soviet occupation has been shot dead outside his home in Afghanistan's eastern Logar Province. More

Afghan Groups Protest Iran Executions

Rights groups and Afghan religious scholars have demonstrated against the executions of Afghan nationals by Iran. More

Afghan presidential frontrunner Abdullah Abdullah

Abdullah Leading In Afghan Vote Count

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah is holding an 11-point lead in the latest results from Afghanistan's presidential election released by the Independent Election Commission. More

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Turnout High, Ballot Papers Low In Afghan Election

Voters turned out in Afghanistan's April 5 elections is greater numbers than expected -- and there were not nearly enough ballot papers to meet demand. More

Afghanistan Blocks Election Day Texting

When many Afghans woke up on the morning of their landmark presidential election on April 5, they discovered they could no longer send or receive SMS text messages. More
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Video Interview: Ghani Says 'All Walks Of Afghan Life Will Be Represented'

Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani says that, if elected, he will do all in his power to promote "genuine reconciliation." He spoke to RFE/RL about what he will do if he doesn't win the first round, and what his plans are should he be elected president.

Interview: 'We Were Tackling The Symptoms Of The Disease'

In her new book, "The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014," "New York Times" journalist Carlotta Gall lays bare the extent of Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan, accusing Islamabad of cynically driving the violence there and writing that "Pakistan, not Afghanistan, has been the true enemy."

Interview: Afghanistan's Abdullah Vows To Make 'Meritocratic Appointments'

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah says he will not exclude anyone, including his fiercest rivals, from government if he wins Afghanistan's presidential election. He spoke to RFE/RL about contesting the possible second round and his plans should he win.

Afghan Candidates Jockey For Position Ahead Of Expected Second Round

Abdullah Abdullah has made the first move as the jockeying among Afghanistan's three leading presidential contenders gets under way.

Afghan Candidates Say They'll Offer Karzai An Advisory Role

In Afghanistan, all three presidential front-runners say they will offer outgoing President Hamid Karzai an advisory role after he steps down. Analysts say that no matter who is finally declared the winner, he will undoubtedly need Karzai's skill set, honed over the past 12 years, in navigating the country's volatile regional and tribal politics, not to mention the often bumpy relations with Washington and NATO.

Afghan Candidates Jump The Gun On Election Results

The results of the Afghan presidential election are not expected for weeks, but already there are mounting allegations of fraud and an escalating war of words between the front-runners, who have collected and published their own partial results.

News Analysis: What Lessons Have Been Learned From Afghanistan's Elections?

Afghans voted in presidential and provincial elections on April 5 that ended with a high turnout, no major Taliban attacks, and nothing but praise for the resilience of the country's security forces. RFE/RL looks at three lessons learned from the landmark election, the first independent vote organized by Afghanistan without direct foreign assistance.

Stakes High As Afghans Prepare To Cast Presidential Ballots

Afghanistan’s presidential election on April 5 will usher in a new era after 12 years of rule by President Hamid Karzai and as foreign combat troops withdraw, leaving the country to fend off the Taliban.

Photogallery Millions Of Afghan Women Register To Vote, Hoping To Have An Impact

Thousands of prospective Afghan voters rushed to registration offices across the country to get their applications in before a Tuesday deadline expired. A significant number of those seeking new voter cards this year have been women.

Restoring Its Legacy, Moscow Invests In Future In Afghanistan

A quarter of a century after Soviet soldiers withdrew in defeat, Moscow is returning to Afghanistan -- not with troops but with tens of millions of dollars in investment projects. Moscow is looking to reestablish its economic and cultural footprint in a country the Soviet Union once considered part of its strategic backyard.
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