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Armenia To Sell Power Station For Price Hike

The Armenian government says it will use money from the sale of one of the country's largest power-generating facilities to subsidize a new increase in the price of electricity. More

Armenia Plays Down Departure Of International Businesses

The Armenian government is downplaying the importance of recent decisions by several leading international companies to close business operations in the South Caucasus country. More

Armenian policemen stand along the curbside in Yerevan's Republic Square earlier this week to keep activists from the Rise Armenia movement out of the city center where they planned to hold a sit-in protesting a hike in energy prices.

Armenian Activists Vow To Keep Protesting Power Rate Hikes

Activists gathering in the central square of the Armenian capital, Yerevan, this week pledged to keep up the pressure on authorities to reverse their decision to raise electricity prices next month. More

Armenia Rejects World Bank Plan To Put Plant In Bankruptcy

The Armenian government has rejected a recommendation by the World Bank to put a debt-ridden Yerevan chemical plant into bankruptcy. More

Armenians Resume Power Price Protest

Dozens of people protesting against rising electricity tariffs have gathered on a central square of the Armenian capital, Yerevan. More

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Electric Yerevan Exposes Kremlin's Mind-Set

You can learn a lot about a country from how it reacts to a popular uprising in its neighborhood. And this is especially true if the country is Russia and the uprising is in one of its former Soviet vassals. More

Video The Daily Vertical: Moscow Colors In Yerevan

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. More
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Armenians Say They'll Restart 'Electric Yerevan' Protest

Leaders of the rump "Electric Yerevan" protest movement and other activists in Armenia have vowed to reignite demonstrations against a steep government increase in the price of electricity and eventually to make political demands.

Video 'Electric Yerevan' Insists No One Has Pulled Plug On Armenia Protests

Street protests in the Armenian capital that sent shock waves far beyond the Caucasus have gone nearly quiet, with neither side able to claim victory in a battle over electricity prices.

Video Hard-Nosed Armenian Police Chief Draws Mockery, Anger

The protests in Yerevan have put the spotlight on Armenia's iron-fisted police chief, whose angry tirades at protesters are sparking both anger and jokes.

Video Armenian Protesters Chafe At Comparisons To EuroMaidan

Many observers in Russia and the West are comparing the ongoing Armenian protests against rising electricity prices to the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine. But spokespeople in Yerevan are resisting this attempt to broaden the framing of their project.

Russian 'Profiteering' At Heart Of Armenian Power Protests

Russia owns Armenia's power-distribution grid, and Armenian consumers are furious about the way they are being treated by the firm when it comes to paying for electricity.

Tech-Savvy Armenian Trio Leads 'Collective Brain' In Rate-Hike Protest

The little-known trio behind the large demonstrations in Armenia is relying on "the people" in their battle against an electricity price hike.

Video Armenian Police Target Journalists In Violent Crackdown

Police attempted to end a days-long street protest in the Armenia by forcibly dispersing participants and journalists. But the heavy-handed approach, which included the direct involvement of a top national police commander, has sparked a furious response at home and abroad.

Rulings Give Nagorno-Karabakh Displaced Something To Celebrate

European Court says both Baku, Yerevan deny rights to civilians displaced by Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Armenians Grieve For Billionaire Favorite Son Kerkorian

​Though Kirk Kerkorian made billions of dollars in Hollywood and Las Vegas, more people will mourn his death in faraway Armenia than in the United States.

Audio Slide Show Not All Fun And Games

The first European Games kick off in Azerbaijan this week. Backers claim the event will showcase the rise of the oil-rich nation, while detractors say it's all a public-relations ploy to whitewash the country's poor rights record.
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