Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Armenian police detain opposition supporters blocking a street leading to a police station seized by gunmen -- in Yerevan late on July 29.

Video Police Officer Shot Dead, But Armenian Standoff Continues

A standoff was continuing after sunrise on July 31 between police and gunmen who have occupied a police regimental headquarters In Yerevan for two weeks – despite the expiration on July 30 of an ultimatum deadline from authorities who have threatened to launch a full-scale assault against the gunmen. More

Riot police disperse protesters in Yerevan's Sari Tagh neighborhood late on July 29.

Video Dozens Injured In Police Clashes With Protesters In Yerevan

Armenian officials say 75 were injured and more than 20 detained in clashes between police and protesters in the capital. The violence, which left three RFE/RL journalists injured, erupted when demonstrators tried to approach a police station where oppositionist gunmen have barricaded themselves, More

WATCH: What's Behind The Armed Standoff In Armenia's Capital?

Gunmen Wounded In Armenian Hostage Standoff

Armenian security forces have shot and wounded three gunmen in a continuing standoff with an armed opposition group barricaded inside a police compound in Yerevan. More

Russian weightlifter Natalya Zabolotnaya (L) after receiving her silver medal in the London 2012 Olympics poses with Belarus's Iryna Kulesha (R), the bronze medalist, and gold medalist Svetlana Podobedova from Kazakhstan (middle).

Ex-Soviet State Weightlifters Suspended

Three Russian Olympic medalists are among 11 weightlifters, mostly from ex-Soviet states, who tested positive for banned drugs in retests of samples from the 2012 London Games. More

WATCH: What's Behind The Armed Standoff In Armenia's Capital?

Video  Armenian Police Stop Minister From Visiting Gunmen In Occupied Building

Armenian Health Minister Armen Muradyan on July 27 was blocked by police from trying to meet with a group of gunmen who are occupying a police building in Yerevan and have taken four medics hostage. More

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Video Weary Armenians Show Surprising Support For Yerevan Gunmen

For nearly two weeks, security forces in Yerevan have been in a standoff with gunmen occupying a police building. Thousands of people in the Armenian capital have unexpectedly taken to the streets in a bid to force the government to resolve the situation peacefully.

Video Explainer: What Is Armenia's 'Founding Parliament' Movement?

A little-known Armenian political grouping has grabbed headlines by storming a police station in Yerevan, killing at least one police officer and taking others hostage, and demanding the release of its leader. What is the Founding Parliament movement and what does it want?
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