Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Armenian Soldier Killed On Border

Armenia says one of its soldiers has been killed in clashes with troops from neighboring Azerbaijan. More

Azerbaijani Out Of Games For Doping

An Azerbaijani runner was suspended on June 27 for doping after winning the 3,000-meter steeplechase run one week ago in the European Games, which are being held in Azerbaijan. More

Russian Boxer Suffers Head Injuries At European Games

A Russian boxer has suffered injuries to the head and been taken to hospital after competing at the European Games in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku. More

A protester wearing a mask of Russian President Vladimir Putin participates in a rally in protest against Russian actions in Crimea in St. Petersburg in March 2014.

Video U.S. Rights Report Slams IS Militants, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Among Others

In a new report, the U.S. State Department strongly criticizes Islamic State (IS) militants -- as well as the Russian, Iranian, and Azerbaijani governments -- for human rights abuses. More

A demonstrator dressed as a zombie protests in Ukraine against Russian propaganda by stuffing his mouth with newsprint and St. George's ribbons, a symbol used by pro-Russia rebels in the east.

EU Plans To Step Up Fight Against Russian Propaganda

The European Union aims to counter Russian propaganda by boosting support for independent media in "Eastern Neighborhood" countries and increasing awareness of "disinformation activities by external actors," according to a strategic communications action plan seen by RFE/RL. More

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Video U2 Demands Freedom For Azerbaijani Political Prisoners

Irish rock band U2 is demanding freedom for political prisoners in Azerbaijan, using the stage of its current North American concert tour to call attention to activists and journalists imprisoned by Azerbaijani authorities for speaking up about human rights. More

First Comes IS, Then Comes Marriage...If You Can Find A Bride

Chechen Islamic State militant DjunduLlah (his nom de guerre) really, really wants to tie the knot. Problem is, he's short of prospects. More
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Rulings Give Nagorno-Karabakh Displaced Something To Celebrate

European Court says both Baku, Yerevan deny rights to civilians displaced by Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Pro-Government TV In Baku Red-Faced After Fake-Fan Fail

A privately run, pro-government television station in Baku claims it was duped by a local man who "misrepresented himself as a foreigner" at the European Games in Azerbaijan this week in order to create a "provocation."

Azerbaijan Media Print Falsified Version Of Jailed Journalist's Appeal

Pro-government media in Azerbaijan have printed what they claim is a letter by jailed investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova that was recently published in The New York Times. But the text -- in which the writer purports to be part of "a group of people working with Armenians, embezzling grants from abroad, drug addicts, rebel revolutionists….implementing the assignments of Mr. Obama" -- has little in common with Ismayilova's original.

Video Horrific Video Amplifies Bus Tragedy At Baku's European Games

A terrifying video clip has emerged of a bus ramming into a group of teenage Austrian competitors at the European Games in Azerbaijan in an incident that has left Austrians reeling and overshadowed the start of the sporting extravaganza.

Audio Slide Show Not All Fun And Games

The first European Games kick off in Azerbaijan this week. Backers claim the event will showcase the rise of the oil-rich nation, while detractors say it's all a public-relations ploy to whitewash the country's poor rights record.

The Human Cost Of The European Games

With the 2015 European Games opening today in Baku, many Azerbaijanis are suffering -- and increasingly out of pocket.

Armenian Wrestlers Balk At Baku Games

Two Armenian wrestlers and a coach are boycotting the upcoming European Games in Baku, dealing a blow to the notion that the event could help bring the bitter rivals a bit closer.

Khadija Ismayilova: When Your Principles Become Your Life

Today, June 5, Khadija Ismayilova has been in prison for six months. But everything started much earlier than December 5, 2014, when she was arrested and incarcerated.

News Analysis: EU Eastern Partnership Summit Exposes Fault Line Between Members

The EU Eastern Partnership summit in Riga has revealed a new split in Europe that divides the European Union's six "eastern partners" themselves.

Photogallery Deadly Blaze Reveals Ugly Truth Behind Baku Beautification

With less than three weeks until the start of the European Games in Baku, authorities are coming under criticism for shoddy construction practices believed to behind a May 19 fire that left 15 people dead.
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