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Isabel Santos, the chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's Committee on Democracy, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Questions (file photo)

OSCE: Azerbaijan 'Mocks' Democracy Hopes

An official from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has condemned the growing crackdown on civil society in Azerbaijan. More

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Armenia Blames Azerbaijan For Clashes

Armenian Defense Ministry's press secretary has blamed Azerbaijani officials for the latest deadly clashes near Azerbaijan's breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh. More

Azeris Jailed For Life As 'Iran Spies'

A court in Baku has sentenced two Azerbaijani men to life in prison for spying for Iran. More

Azerbaijani Independent Newspaper Suspends Publication

The independent Azerbaijani newspaper "Azadliq" has been forced to suspend publishing due to financial problems. More

Azerbaijani human rights activist Leyla Yunus  (file photo)

U.S. Concerned After Azerbaijani Activist Charged

The United States has voiced "deep concern" after Azerbaijani authorities charged prominent human rights activist Leyla Yunus with treason. More

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Azerbaijan Gets Tough In Bid To Silence Its Loudest Critic

Authorities in Baku have charged prominent human rights activist Leyla Yunus with treason and other charges stemming from her work to ease tensions over Nagorno-Karabakh. International advocates are concerned about the health of the 58-year-old diabetic as she awaits trial in a Baku jail.

Photogallery World War I Anniversary: Five Historians, Two Questions

One hundred years after the beginning of World War I, historians are still wondering how it started. Meanwhile many of the rest of us wonder if the global situation today is as perilous as it was on the eve of that cataclysm.

TeliaSonera’s Behind-The-Scenes Connection To Azerbaijani President's Daughters

An investigative report by Khadija Ismayilova in collaboration with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project shows that through a trail of owners and offshore registrations, the two daughters of President Ilham Aliyev appear to be connected to Azerbaijan’s largest mobile phone business, Azercell.
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