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'No One Arrested' For Politics In Azerbaijan

​An Azerbaijani parliamentarian has dismissed widespread claims of political prisoners being held in his country. More

Azerbaijan Jails Journalist For Five Years For Hooliganism

A journalist in Azerbaijan has been convicted of hooliganism and sentenced to five years in prison. More

Karabakh Officials Deny Azerbaijani Claim It Shot Down Drone

Azerbaijan says its forces had shot down an Armenian drone near the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, a claim that de facto officials in the separatist region rejected. More

Azerbaijani, Turkish, Turkmen Foreign Ministers Discuss Trilateral Ties

The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan held a rare trilateral meeting on January 29. More

Baku Bus Driver Stable After Self-Immolation

A bus driver in Baku has been hospitalized after setting himself on fire to protest alleged misconduct by the transport ministry. More

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Azerbaijan Concerned About Human Rights -- In The United States

Azerbaijan's parliament has decided that human rights are an important issue. Just not human rights in Azerbaijan. More

Interethnic Tensions On Rise in Daghestan In Run-Up To Jubilee

Among the numerous seemingly intractable problems facing the Republic of Daghestan leadership, that of relations between the region’s numerous ethnic groups is frequently eclipsed by the Islamic insurgency, endemic corruption, and the pressing need to attract investment with a view to galvanizing the stagnating economy. More
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Azerbaijani Journalist Ismayilova Remains Defiant

Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova -- a prominent contributor to RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service -- has been in custody in Baku for more than one month. Despite a mounting international outcry, there is no end in sight for her ordeal.

Muslim Press Reacts To Charlie Hebdo Attack

Media in the Muslim world have published a wide variety of reactions to the deadly attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

What's The EEU And What Are Its Chances?

It once was touted as an eastern alternative to the European Union and an attempt to resurrect the Soviet Union. But as the Eurasian Economic Union comes into existence with its three founding members -- Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan -- already squabbling, the future of the Kremlin's pet project looks uncertain.

Why Is Azerbaijan So Important To U.S., Europe?

Government officials in Europe and the United States have offered only muted criticism of Azerbaijan throughout a year of rampant human rights violations that included the arrest of journalists and activists and the closure of numerous NGOs. For a possible explanation, we look at Western strategic interests in the energy-rich Caspian nation.

A Good Season To Bury Bad News

From shock resignations to military offensives to crackdowns, bad news often strikes in late December while much of the world is busy ringing in the holidays. So far, Russia leads the trend.

Sports & Dictators: In 2014, A Match Made In Heaven

Many people turn to sports as a welcome break from politics. But from the Olympics to Formula 1, the year 2014 revealed a growing connection between big-ticket sporting events and ugly political regimes.

Money Troubles: Russia's Weak Ruble Pulls Down Neighbors' Currencies

As the value of Russia's ruble tumbles amid low oil global prices and Western sanctions, it is taking the currencies of many former Soviet republics down with it.

Don't Shout, Don't Push, Eat Blini: Russian Orthodox Church's Manual For Migrants

Migrant laborers in Russia will soon be required to pass Russian language, history, and civics tests. And now the Russian Orthodox Church wants to teach them how to behave.
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